Battlefield: WiMAX vs Streamyx

WiMAX is coming to town. Saw it in the paper (Daily Express) today. REDtone (WiMAX operator for Sabah and Sarawak) is expanding WiMAX service to Penampang and Inanam areas by the end of this month, according to their CEO. So, anybody feel like cutting their Streamyx ? Tepuk la dada, tanya selera… :)

On different note, I’m sure we all are aware of the advertisement war between P1 WiMAX and Streamyx, right? First, P1 came up with their controversial ‘Potong’/Cut Campaign, now Streamyx counter-attacked with their “If it’s not Streamyx, it is not good enough” Campaign. The model in the Streamyx poster is said to look like P1 CEO some more…hehe…

Hopefully, both parties will not only compete against each other in their advertisement but also in their service. Kalau dalam iklan saja buat apa…masing-masing kasi majulah service barulah ngam. In view of the new Streamyx ad, will P1 launch another ad to tembak balik ? Let’s keep our fingers crossed… *wink*


hahahaha...ada2 ja derang nie..
betul tu..klo men ckp ja tapi ndak buat sama jg,teda guna jg kan..

betul betul betul.. tapi bila dingar di radio kan.. menyampah juga iklan diorang ni.. bikin sakit telinga kadang2 :D

Carmelliny ~ ya bah, perang iklan ni dorang...tinguk siapa lagi kreatif :)

EvelynLaiyap ~ dingar 2x, 3x masi ok lagi tapi kalu balik2 suda bikin boring..hihi