Are you a good payer?

I’m one of the many in the country who still owe PTPTN (Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional) a big amount of money for my study. Lamaa lagi ni… bertahun-tahun lagi baru dapat kasi langsai ni hutang. :(

I am not going to whine about how hard it is to pay the monthly installments. I just want to remind fellow PTPTN debtor out there, if you have not pay any amount these few years, you better not have any plan to travel oversea or you’ll be disappointed.

Your name is probably listed in the Immigration Department’s black book by now. Meaning, you are not allowed to leave the country unless you settle your debt (total loan amount, admin fees and semua kos yang berkaitan). Perhaps, you already know about this but I only found out about it this morning from a friend, a fellow PTPTN debtor also. In case you want to check your name, pls do so here.

Looks like PTPTN is serious in their effort to collect all this hutang. This approach may work after all. I’m sure we have our own good reason for not being to able pay back our owing as per monthly installment schedule. Whatever it is, please do not ignore your obligation, okay. Write a simple letter to them asking for delay or deduction in the monthly installment…sebelum terlambat. They do have a heart and willing to listen, you know. Me, talking through experience.

Oh ya, I have checked my name and …jeng ,jeng ,jeng…NOT in the list. Huh..leganya!


lucky i already pay my ptptn debt...jadi buli suka hati keluar negara hehehe

i think this is a good move by PTPTN ppl..otherwise our country will not recover much from what have been taken out and this might deprive other students who really need the loan... They might be implementing stricter regulations in the future.. So by blacklisting those who are not keen in paying, it is an appropriate move after all... :)

It's drastic but I guess they have no choice kan. If not sampai bila2 tu hutang tertunggak... and like Reana said will deprive other deserving students.

This is really bad! They should pay back what they owe! It seems that anybody who gets into the uni gets it automatically. Should make them apply and help those who need it only! Things that come too easy, people do not appreciate. Malaysians are overspoilt, over-pampered...

nasib tak de dlm listkan..
sangat lega =)

chegu carol ~ you pay-off the whole amount suda? bagussnya.. :)

Reanaclaire & Nessa ~ yup,drastic move ni. Kesian to other students that are in need of a loan to further their study. Berusaha la membayar wpun sengsara.

STP ~ PTPTN loan is the easiest study loan to get. Asal masuk uni, sure dapat punya.

Nurhayati ~ ya, betul tu! sangat2 la lega... :)

Hi Mama Mia,

Yes I agree. This is a good move by PTPTN. Saya sokong 100% :P

So it's a way to get those paying back & they should do that!

it's only fair to do so.. for PTPTN

Atokoi.. takut sda sya baca post ko .. nasib sya cek teda nama sya.. huahua... :D

Nora ~ me also agree.

Dora ~ yup, they should. :)

Anonymous ~ yes. I agree with you.

Nadia ~ hehe..sori la kasi takut ko, Nad. Nasib baik teda nama ko dlm list kan...:).Rajin2 la kita membayar hutang kio...

yap i have a friend who is black listed.. He ended up paying all hi lump sump PTPTpu..

whoa..untung dia ada duit mau bayar lump sump,Ika.. :)

luckily I got sholarship... now nada kerja pun nda payah risau mo bayar study loan... lol... tp time study... hukhuk, sikit ja duit masuk compared to those yg dapat PTPTN...

Bagus la bah tu Dut,dpt scholarship. Bersusah dahulu,bersenang2 kmdn lagi baik drpd bersenang2 dahulu, bersusah-susah kmdn..mcm kami ni..hihi..