I want a kitchen makeover !

Do you live in Canada? If you do, you are at the right place at the right time, my friend. Now, get this.

Maple Leaf Foods is giving away a $32,000 Dream Kitchen* and 12 Frigidaire ® fridges to celebrate the launch of their new delectable site. You could be the winner of a
kitchen makeover !

A kitchen makeover?? I want! I want! But then again, I don’t live in Canada. Not even close. *sigh* In line with my growing interest in baking, I sure could use a kitchen makeover. Well, nothing like that of Martha Stewart’s but a fairly bigger kitchen complete with hanging cabinets and an island countertop will do. Right now, I do all my baking preparation on the dining table.

Hmm,I know 2 persons who live in Canada, Uncle Lee and SJB. I say, you guys should check out the new Maple Leaf Market and meet the resourceful Butcher, the Baker and the Pasta Maker. They are ever ready with easy-to-make meal ideas, useful tips, coupons and more.

Oh, if only I live in Canada right now, I’ll waste no time! I'd be working on to increase my chance of winning this contest. But since there’s no chance for me at all, you guys go ahead and win this contest for me. Get your fingers working and your mouse clicking! What are you waiting for?



Hey! I want a kitchen make over, but here in Malaysia la. Banyak reput sudah ni kitchen.

i dont just want a kitchen make over.
i want a house!
hahaha...kesian bah sa, blm lagi ada house of my own.

hi mama mia,.. u got this? great! i want a kitchen makeover too!

maslight ~ bila la agak2 ada contest begini di sabah ar? :D

chegu carol ~ wah diberi betis mau paha pulak ko ni, Chegu. :D Suda ko pikir2 di mana ko mo buat ruma or beli rumah? :D

reanaclaire ~ ya, claire. Too bad..no contest like this here in Malaysia..

I wish for the same too..ada yang murah2 kah sini KK? ;-)

hehe..nda sangka, ramai juga pula yg wishing for kitchen makeover ni. Sia pun nda tau oh,Carolyn..:)