Starry nights in the garden

I had a weird dream last night. There was some sort of home and garden decorating contest going on. Thus everybody was showing-off their fire pits like crazy. Me? No exception. LOL. This weird dream of mine had definitely something to do with my browsing during the day. Obviously, my admiration on their finest products for home and garden didn’t just end there for I end-up dreaming of having thir Starry Nights fire dome in my patio. LOL.

I was beaming with pride as all the people were captivated by the sight of it. Besides being great for warming up outdoor gatherings, the Starry Nights fire dome tells a unique tale with its figures, landscapes and patterns intricately woven together to provide a silhouette for flickering flames to dance through. Simply a terrific addition to any patio setting!

I was also complemented on my brilliant idea for grouping the torches. Placing a torch in a small garden can add ambience to an outdoor gathering, but grouping them together will provide the ultimate effect. Ahem…somebody even asked me for my opinion on oil lamps …*smile* Oil lamps are great in providing subdued outdoor lighting when entertaining on decks and patios or spending a quiet evening in the garden. Their elegant features combined with their radiant glow can help create a more dramatic effect to a gathering thus making it an evening to remember. :)

If only this dream come true…. :)


hi mama mia: i also have a weird dream last night.. i dreamt my my siblings were caught by the police for smuggling..yucks.. what a horrible dream!

oh sa ingat .. bcos of Christmas bah!! :D

Wah....i can imagine woh!!!! syok tul u punya mimpi mama mia...

Evelyn ~ mangkali la tu kan..hehe..

Rosc ~ yes! kalu dlm mimpi, anything is possible.rumah yg besa sj bulih transform jadi luar biasa bah dlm mimpi...hehe..

reanaclaire ~ Caught for smuggling? That's a terrible one..a nightmare. Btw, what did they smuggle? Firworks for next yr's CNY ka? :)

wah..bestnya your dream. I seldom dream..But I remember having a dream long time ago about me inside the bus etc..then it realy happend few days after..exactly same situation in my dream.
I mean, inside my dream I'm sitting next to an old lady wearing blue baju Kurung, and when the Makcik aboard the bus, At first ..I wonder where did I meet this "Makcik" before.. and then I realise rupanya its from my dream.

hahahaha.. scary kan.. hem usually people dream after experience the situation, but I dream before the situation..but bukan selalu la.. kadang-kadang saja :P