When your 2-year old toddler crave for something…

… it will be anything but a pretty scene! You had better prepare yourself with your child’s temper tantrum. Last Saturday, I had the chance to experienced the worst (so far) of Vanessa’s “terrible twos” moment. *sigh*

Vanessa demanded to have rambutans. And she wanted it pronto! Luckily, there were still a few rambutans left on our tree but it was scattered here and there. Susah juga la bah mau jolok. As hubby was out during that time, the Kakak had to struggle with the bamboo stick to pluck the rambutan. In the meantime, mom and I were trying our best to calm Vanessa. We tried to divert her attention by offering her to watch her favourite nursery rhymes sing-along VCD; offered her favourite Vitagen drinks etc, etc. Obviously, all the tactics didn’t work! She was crying on top of her lung, instead! :)

Nonetheless, the Kakak managed to get 5 rambutans. We quickly peeled the skin, separated the flesh from its seeds and fed the little monster. Whoa, the little monster finished all 5 in just a minute! Wiped clean her bowl…and….guess what? She wanted more! And she wants it “now”!!! *faint* Convincing her to wait again was even harder. Aduiii...

Fortunately, hubby came home just in time. Pheww! When he saw and heard all the drama, he didn’t bother to step inside the house, but went straight to climb the rambutan tree and pluck whatever was remaining. He came back with two handfuls. Vanessa had two more then her craving was satisfied. *relief*

Nasib baik, our rambutan tree masih ada buah (itupun over ripe suda…hehe..). Otherwise, I don’t know if the Little Big Boss can wait for us to drive to Donggongon town to buy her rambutans. As the rambutan season is coming to its end, there was no more rambutan left on the neighbours’ tree. Tiada lagi tempat terdekat untuk membeli… *sigh* I just hope that she will not crave for the fruit when the season is over. Kalau suda limpas musim dia, mana lagi mau cari…. LOL…

Okay, all of you parents who had experience your kids’ “terrible two” moment, mind to share your story with first-time mom like me? I sure would like to learn how your guys handled the situation…hehe…


ok....being single and doesn't have kids but babysitting for lots of little cousins, nephews, nieces...friend's kids....I understand how it feels when the kid start crying out loud... =.=

normally, kind angelbear here wud do anything she cud to give the kids so that they will stop crying..at any cost!! *laughs*

Not just 2 year old toddler, 7 year old also like that. Big boss katakan hahaha.

This is usual thing Mamamia ;-) sometimes it takes a lot of things to calm down our kids, macam2 helah. Not only a two year old kid..even the big sister/brother pun acting like one. At times we need to say no firmly and explain to them the reasons..susah juga if we ikut ja their permintaan, nanti jadi tambah manja ;-)

AngelBear ~ LOL...at any costs lagi tu..so kind of you, Angel. :)

SJB ~ hihi...ini la suka duka in parenting. :)

The “terrible two” stages, but to be positive we called it terrific two. My 1st born started throwing his tantrum, even before he reaches 2 yrs old and continues until 4 yrs old. I can relate with your situation and for a first time parent, it can be quite frustrating and sometimes difficult when we don’t understands what is happening. One of the ways I use is distracting him with something else though sometimes it doesn’t work. Sometimes they just want your attention (mau manja manja) especially after the whole day without seeing the mommy. The good news is she will outgrow these stages as she is learning everyday. Give her more mooches..mooches and hug :)

Kalao habis suda betul2, terpaksa la ko beli dalam can punya kan. My nephew when he was 3 kali tu, suka makan nasi campur kicap. So, when my sis' wedding reception at Hyatt, bah, dia hentak2 tu meja bah mo makan nasi kicap! LOL!!

Gosh...my boy is reaching two years old son...guess I've gotta get prepare for the terrible two lo

haiya..talk about kids and their demand..memang bikin pening..if give them whatever they want..nanti manja and you get into trouble..as if everything is there.. tpaksa pandai tembirang..tpaksa guna creativity lah mo tembirang.. sooner or later they will understand..
my kids kadang at home..mau vitagen..i said ..we have no more left.. menangis lah dorang.. memujuk lah sya..n cuba ubah attraction to something else.. ok juga lah..tapi mo panjang sabar..

vunhome ~ :) Thank you for the insight. My girl is very manja when she's with me. But behave better when she's with her dad.

Crystal ~ the can punya is not healthy bah kan..tapi what to do la if that is the only solution..terpaksa juga beli..:)

nasi + kicap di hotel? aduii...jadi? kamurang kasi kicap la nasi dia? mcm2 bah kan..budak2 ni..:)

smallkucing ~ hehe..good luck. :) Tq for coming by.

Carolyn ~ Being parents, we need to equip ourselves with mcm2 helah la nampaknya..misti mau panjang akal.No matter how tough the situation, we have to face it also..part of the package of being parents suda. :)

I agree with you. Sia pun nda mau selalu ikut demand diorang tu, bertambah2 manja..nanti the kids jadi spoilt brat pulak.

hehe..Shirley, jadi parents misti mau panjang akal, creative and panjang sabar oh kan..

Kadang2 our tactic works, sometimes it doesn't...

Hi mia..hehehe
Lama nda lawat your blog kan..
I can imagine Si Van menangis berabis..ekekeke Sudah merasa 2x tu terrible 2 phase.. :D
Lain kali mainan lagi tu..jaga lah ko..hehehehehehehe

If my memory serves me correctly, my eldest tu tida perna gave me any tantrums... tapi yang si kicik tu la yang telampau manja.

Perna tu dia teriak2 di shopping complex mo minta bili mainan (2 1/2 years)... adeh, merah padam muka sia. Pa lagi capat2 sia bawa dia balik, masi lg nangis tu sampai rumah. Lama2 dia tetidur juga.. haha!

my Dian is queen of tantrum..it started when she 2 ysr old and now sometime still like that.

Kalau dulu, I will give anything to her to stop her crying, especially in shopping mall, malu bah heheh kalau dia nangis orang tinggu-tinggu, so I just grab anything in order to make her stop.

But sekarang, I tried so much only to react to her reasonable demand. becouse, I think she will take advantage if I give her everything she want. Sometime it not neccesary bah. One more, I learn from my maid some creative trick to change her attention everytime she want to start demanding..hehe.

Iya bah, kami makan sedap2, dia makan nasi + kicap jak...

pretty drama..hehe

A smile from SJ =)

Sometimes if I think it's a bit too much, I'll just let her cry and explain to her why she can't have it her way.

KaDusMama ~ lama ko menyepi, Ty.. :) Meraung bah si Van-van...berabis kami pujuk dia supaya tunggu tapi dia teriak2 juga. Kalu pigi kadai, selalu sia mengelak dr limpas kedai2 yg ada jual mainan espcially belon.kalu tida, dia pandai pigi ambil sendiri bah..

Nessa ~ malu juga bah kalu anak kita ni teriak2 in public..tapi apa bulih buat la. kalu kita layan jg demand diorang, makin memjadi-jadi pulak nanti kan..lagi la susah. :)

Nora ~ terrer bah budak2 ni..they know that they are most likely to get anything if they demand in public places..hehe..

ChocMintGirl ~ deii gia..kesian dia, makan nasi + kicap saja..nda pa la bah kan, asalkan dia happy..kalu nda kamurang nda dapat makan o..

SJ ~ drama? yes. pretty? no.. :)

Mummy Gwen ~ i agree with your approach. :)

Bfore that, c crystal pnya nephew jg la.. nnt dia sdh besar tu kan misti dia menyesal.. napa la dia mo jg tu nasi+kicap time org lain mkn sedap d hotel. Hehehhehe...

Doii.. misti paning time tu kan?? craving mengalahkan org yg mengidam ba c Van2. Hahahah.. I can imagine that.

C Rayyan sia pun nmpk2 sdh gaya dia skrg. Kalau nda kena bg apa dia mau tu, menangis mcm yg kena pukul ba! Doiiii.. Ntah la mcmana nnt sdh 2 thn.

Just ~ ya bah kan..hihi..kalu budak suda set di otak apa dia mau, memang itu saja la makanan yg paling sedap, yg lain2 nda kana peduli suda.

paning, Just..mimang paning! ya, kalah2 urg mengidam.

bah..jaga la ko,Just..makin besar dia tu makin byk kepandaian & karenah dia tu...hihi...