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If you happen to be enjoying your meal or favourite snacks/drinks right now, pls read this post some other time.

Oh no, this post has nothing to with this...hehehe...Okay, I’m sure many of us despise the act of spitting in public area. Unfortunately, there are ppl who spit as they please. Yuck!!! Disgusting habit!!

One fine evening, as I normally do when it was hubby’s turn to use the car, I would catch a minibus home (hehe..van sapu aka pirate van bah to be exact). I was lucky to be the first passenger that day and I get to choose where I want to sit. At first I wanted to sit at the first row near the door, easy to get-off mah, no need to squeeze your way through other passenger. Somehow, I changed my mind. A few minutes later, this guy boarded the van and sat at the 2nd row. As usual, the van driver will leave the door wide open until all the seats are fully occupied.

Suddenly, I heard a ‘pttui! ‘ and splat! The guy’s spit hit the pavement…eeuuuuwww!! “Palui punya urang!!” I swore under my breath. I was so very glad that I’d switch place. I wouldn’t want a happy-spitter sitting behind me. The thought of his tempias may hit my shirt was enough to make me cringe. I dare not imagine the worse – What if he has contagious airborne disease? What if his spit does not make it to the pavement and landed on my sleeve or the van’s floor instead? My stomach started to churn at these horrible thoughts. Nasib baik la I was not eating or drinking anything or else…I’ll leave that part to your imagination…hehehe…

Not long after that, a girl took the seat in front of Mr Happy Spitter. Okay, maybe this guy will stop his spitting, I thought. Well, I thought wrong. *sigh* He spitted again… and again as if he owns the ground. Memang tiada kesedaran sivik bah tu urang. Or probably, he doesn’t give a damn on hygiene because Sabah is not his home country.

Anyway, the girl was equally disgusted as I am at the unsightly episodes that she quit looking out the opened door. I silently prayed that no tempias hit any part of her. Mr Happy Spitter only stopped his uncivilized behaviour when the door closed and the van started moving. Thank God for that.


Yeah...so disgusting! Sometimes I wonder whether these people are educated...or whether their mums ever taught them some decent manners!!!

Aduiiiii no sivic & moral lah tu orang. apa punya orang tu PTI kah????

polluting the ground.. and then the air cos of the exposure to the sun.. yucks..all the virus flying around.. *hold your breath* :)

huh..talking about spitting....i almost wanted to blog about this.
I can't help to see even those who is driving...di lampu trafik...few occasions..few idiots, opened their door and Ptuii...Jerks!!
langsung inda jaga kebersihan bandar...
Aiyaa...susah betul ini maciem...

STP ~ If these ppl ever went to school, they were not paying any attn to their teacher or their mums.*shake head*

Rosc ~ PTI ka bukan, sia tia tau la. Tapi yg pasti bukan warganegara Malaysia.

Reanaclaire ~ yup!!

Itu la HoneyBuzz,sia heran la urang-urang mcm ni,langsung tida prihatin kebersihan tempat awam. Meludah di sana sini..bikin panas!!!

Ew...how disgusting. I hate these kind of ppl..uncivilised. Is he an old uncle or young fella? You didn't give him the disgusted look ah..hehe?

iihh.. sa geli tingu orang spitting x tentu arah..

Hi Mama Mia, it is disgusting! Here we get a lot of new immigrants who come from that big country nearby where you are, they got that dirty habit.
But here, the people will shout or scold or tell them off! They learn very fast get scolding or telling off in front of others, ha ha.

Mama Mia, you free later drop by my place, have something for you, *wink*, Lee.

Yaiiiks.. bikin gali!!

Urang cam tu kan kita buli imejin tempat tinggal dia. Suka ludah merata-rata.

Some people are utterly disgusting! I'd have given that fellow a piece of my mind ...

MummyGwen ~ A young fella. Disgusted look? I did but no effect. Maybe my look tak cukup garang ler...

AnnieMing ~ itu la, dingar bunyi diorang yg ready2 mau spit pun bikin geli suda..apa lagi kalu nampak diorang in action...uwekks..

Uncle Lee ~ We should use that tactic here-scold them off in front of others..

something for me?? *curious*

Nessa ~ mmg bikin gali,Nessa. Mau pijak tanah pun gali!!

NickPhillips ~ if only the others backed me up, i could have tell him off...but me 1 org saja, not so berani ler... hehe..

Yeah I hate ppl spitting in the public. When I go jogging in the park, many elderly spit and I always gotta watch up for not stepping on IT! Hate it!

SJB ~ yes, it is one disgusting habit..

Dora ~ ya lor, Dora, do watch out! :D

Yeee... Sial betul! Sometimes, ada yang jalan2 pun tiba2 tu nda tinguk kiri kanan lagi. Ishh!!

Tambah sya gali si Nessa cakap merata2 haha... Yuck!!