Counting the hours...

It’s the last day of work before the long holiday. For those who are having Chinese bosses, misti half-day work only. Jelesnya aku!

I’ve just finished assisting one of the staff of our sister company in doing stock inventory. Pheww! Nasib baik la not much stock to count. So here I am, sitting in front of the computer, counting the hours…Waiting for the office hours to end. Another 3 hours to endure in the office. Funny, when we want the time to by in a blink, it crawl at the speed of a snail * ROLL EYES *

I have no mood to work. Well, not that I have much to do in here either. * BIG GRIN * Awal-awal lagi, I have cleared my to-do list so that I can enjoy the CNY and holiday in peace! Yey!!!!!

Tomorrow, we’ll be off to Keningau for the CNY celebration. I don’t have any Chinese blood in me. I am a pure bred Kadazan girl who is married to a half-Chinese guy. It is my second year giving out Angpow packets. Hehehe….

Like the previous years, the family tradition continues. There will be a gathering on CNY eve and on the first day of CNY. This year too, I will be joining my youngest SIL making/preparing the drinks for the relatives/guests. It’s been our designated task for any occasion. Hahaha….seems like they can’t get enough of our air bandung. I don’t do the cooking ya, MIL had it covered. Just tolong mana-mana yang patut... * Wink *

Okay, there won’t be any updates from me until after CNY. So, to all Chinese friends, Gong Xi Fa Chai! Despite all the talk about recession, I wish Mr Ox will bring us good health, happiness and prosperity to us.

For non-Chinese friends, enjoy the holiday and drive safely! Happy holidays!

Note : I'm looking forward to meeting up with dear old friends. Yes Just, sia ingat tu gathering ex-3B1 member! :)