Never ending youth!

As I was looking for idea to do this post, an image flashed in my mind. An image from the Epic Movie I watched last night. Or is it the night before? Oh dear….I can’t remember! Got hit by temporary memory loss again :) . Well, the image came in the form of “Stifler's Mom” ! You don’t know her? Hmmm… she’s the hot, sexy mama in the American Pie movie. A teen comedy released in 1999.
Seriously, just look at her boobs. I wonder what 's the cup size? With boobs like that, I'm sure she must have had undergone breast enhancement. Too aftraid to get a drastic change like that? You can opt for breast uplift. The uplift will give you the raised and reshaped breasts that you desired thus boosting your self-confidence. Soon all the women in town will sure have their eyes green with envy :) .

Thanks to cosmetic surgery, a forever-youthful look is NOT impossible to get! Forget about finding the fountain of youth :) . The cutting-edge technologies nowadays make anything possible. Cosmetics surgery offers a wide range of procedure, from breast enlargement/reduction, uplifting, body reshaping to overcoming serious sweaty palms, feet and armpits.…you name it.

But please choose your surgeon wisely. MYA offers packages that are financially affordable and flexible. Their handpicked team is equipped with vast experience and highly skilled surgeons to perform both surgical and non-surgical procedures to make you beautifully amazing. There’s more. Their good service does not end there but continues to provide the best aftercare.


Do you remember the recent story about a 'Datin' who paralyzed after the cosmetic surgery? She was 45 years old. Finally, she passed away on November 2008 after 7 months paralyzed. Ahhh….go to h*** la that cosmetic surgery!
I always remind myself ‘Age is just a number’. Hey, my kids always said I’m look pretty even thou I just completed cleansing the bathroom!..hahahahaha!

O ya, you just received an award! Cubuk2 my blog kio :P

Berapi2 ko pny komen ni kali. Takut sia o! :)

Anyway, the options are there. To do it or not,the choice is in our hands. Me takut bah sebenarnya sm benda2 surgery ni.