Debt, debt, debt...

When I glanced over my PTPTN education loan statement, my heart skipped a heartbeat! What??!! So many balance left ??!! Die la like this… When am I be able to pay-off my debt??! One tough question to answer. Been haunted by this same old question since I graduated 5 years ago. * sigh*

I’ve been obediently paying since these few years. Starting with as little as RM80 per month when I got my first job. The pay was really small back then. The instalment amount progresses through the years but apparently it is not enough. 3% administrative costs (Kos pentadbiran) are automatically charged on total loan balance every month. Wonder why they call it "Admin Costs" instead of “Interest”? Whatever they call it, it sucks. Hey, don’t form your assumption just yet okay, I’m not an ungrateful person ya! In fact, I am very grateful that the government had reduced the admin costs to the existing percentage. If it still 4%…then lagi la mampus!! Now if only they can reduce it by 1% more…..then it’ll be most welcome, especially in this recession time. Won't it be nice ? :) Diberi betis mau paha lagi bah kan…Hmm,human nature. LOL.

As they say, “ A borrower can repay an amount greater than the fixed instalment. A reduction of instalment amount is not encouraged as it’ll increase the administrative costs thus raising the total loan amount.” Noted. But, it’s easier to say than done. If I can afford to pay more, I’ll definitely do so.

Ah, how wonderful it will be to have a debt-free life! IF ONLY I win the Jackpot! * wink-wink* I swear I'll use it to repay ALL my debt. *smile*

On the other hand, there are ppl that I know of that couldn’t be bother with repaying their loan. How can they just ignore it?? Being indebted really worries me. It’ll probably continue to bug me until the day I managed to pay-off the whole loan and get rid of it once and for all. I don’t want to grow old, retired but still indebted. Better stop thinking and worrying about this sort of thing…before I get paranoid with it.


debt debt debt... good debt or bad debt??

my study loan.. from 5 digit not still left 4 digit.. -.-"

looking at the loan alone kills my appetite for Msc, let alone Phd ...zzzzz

'kita serupa'

Hai Mama Mia,

Heheh samalah macam sia, cant sleep bila memikirkan hutang hehe. Cant imagine people who have debt tapi buat inda tau ja. Actually you inspired me to write about something ni..well nanti sia ada masa sia tulis di blog hehe.

Dusun Aroma ~ ya bah kan, bila nmpk sj tu loan pny balance, appetite kita pun hilang trus o kan....

Nora ~ :) This post inspired you? Good to know that. Sia tunggu ko pny post ni Nora

hehee..sama lah bah kita nie mia..PTPTN nda pandai habis2..bikin panas..! I'm wondering..kita punya loan tu mesti habis kena bayar within 15 years bah tu kan??
Baru bulan 11 sia clear suma credit cards debt and cancel all my cards, and now, awal2 tahun banyak sudah mau pakai duit oh..*sigh*
Sabar saja lah kita nie kan..! I hope lepas sia punya Vacation club habis kena bayar, i'll try more for PTPTN..

Ini la bah yg bikin susah hati ni Ty. Sepatutnya mmg within 15 yrs langsai hutang...tapi nda tau la pa mcm kalu nda abis byr. Jgn sj dorang p sue kita suda la...

3% admin fee
very high ler.


Yup, very high indeed Jess!

Sia nampak ja word PTPTN ni... sigh memanjang sia... Tu utang tu ntah bila baru abis! Kalau la sia ni berada sikit (kikikiki), nda ba sia apply tu loan PTPTN tu. Bikin susah ja... *sigh*

Doi ni hutang2 ni nda pandai abis2 ba kan. Sia dulu kunun lepas abis bayar loan ni nda mau loan suda kunun sekali... gatal juga tu minta loan di PPS. Nasib sikarang suda abis bayar. Ba... palan2 ko kio.

Just ~ Kes kita ni masuk kategori - "Bersenang-senang dahulu, Bersusah-susah kemudian" bah kan. Dulu siok ja spending, skrg mana mo cari duit o byr balik :(

Nika ~ Mogot poh dii ko Nika, teda loan suda mo dibayar

Have you tried EPF? Can withdraw to settle the PTPTN loan :)

Eh? Bulih ka pulak Phil? Tp EPF sia pun nda seberapa bah..Niway, tq for d suggestion.