The 40 questions...

Finally, I've done with this tag. Psst..Mouren, I still owe you 1 tag :).

1. Who were your latest 3 inbox texts from? Colleague, friend and another friend.

2. Where was your default pic taken? NA

3. What's your father name? Sorry, I’m not telling…:)

4. Your current relationship status? Am happily married..TQ.

5. Does your crush like you back? Huh?!

6. What is your current mood? Good...1 week off maa...

7. What's your mom's name? Same answer as Q.3.

8. What color shirt are you wearing? Maroon

9. Would you kiss the last person you kissed? Of course…muah muah muah…

10. If you could go back in time and change something, would you? Yes,I would.

11. Have a crazy side? Yup, who doesn’t?! LOL

12. Ever had a near death experience? Yup, once. I was nearly knocked-down by a van when I was crossing the road from QEH to the bus- stop at the opposite side. I was going home after accompanying mom in the ward the night before. I must have been walking like zombie due to lack of sleep. I didn’t see the van coming. I only realized it when the van swooshed in front of me. If I have taken another step then, I won’t be here right now.

13. What is something you do a lot? E-mailing, it's part of the job.

14. Angry at anyone? Not at the moment.

15. Do you wanna see somebody right now? Yes, my hubby

16. Do you like drama? I like watching Cantonese drama. But now I barely watch any…hahaha….

17. When was the last time you cried? Months ago I guess, can’t remember.

18. Who would you do anything for? My family and friends…

19. Who is your hero? My late Dad

20. What is your favourite place? There’s no place like home sweeter than home.

21. Where is your perfect ideal spot? Perfect ideal spot for what??

22. What's your biggest secret? It's something BIG. It's a SECRET!

23. Where is your ex? Still on planet earth…I guess..hihihi…

24. Would you ever take him / her back? Nope. Obviously, we're not MFEO.

25. Do you still watch kiddy movies or TV shows? Yup. I love Disney’s animation. My daughter baru mo belajar tingu TV. She loves those yang ada nanyi- nyanyi punya eg. Hi-5, Barney& Friends etc.

26. What are you eating or drinking at the moment? Plain water.

27. Do you speak any other languages? Apart from our mother tongue, Kadazan, I speak, BM, BI and Mandarin…but forgot a lot of vocab liao! I would like to speak Cantonese.

28. Whats your favorite smell? Something sweet but not too strong…

29. Describe your life? A simple life…

30. Have you ever kissed in the rain? Not that I remember...

31. Do you like the rain? Yes, but not too much though…nanti banjir rumah.

32. What are you thinking about right now? OMG..this tag is difficult. Lotsa questions..malasnya mo bikin :)

33. What should you be doing right now? Ask the progress of an on-going job in Sandakan..

34. What is your favorite memory? Secondary and Uni years…

35. What are you listening to now? Rythm of the falling rain...I'm not talking about the song ya. It is raining cats and dogs outside right now.

36. Who was the last person you told I love you? My daughter

37. Do you act differently around the person you like? Don’t know…

38. What is your natural hair color? Black

39. Who was the last person to make you smile? Hubby

40. Who am I tagging to? Nobody. I’ll spare you the hardwork! * wink*