Tag : 5 Things You Don't Know About Me

Tagging fever is on. My second tag/meme of the year came from Mouren. Hmmm...nah, ni dia 5 Perkara Yang Anda Tidak Tahu Tentang Saya (Tapi, sekarang kamu tau suda ...*wink * ) :-

[1] I cried on my first day in kindergarten! My late dad enrolled me into Chinese kindy… without my consent. I wanted to go to a different school with my cousins.

[2] I don’t eat lamb chop.

[3] Encountered one terrifying experience on Friday the 13th in 2000. Still in Uni that time. Housemates and I were involved in an amok incident. Out of the blue, a guy jumped over the fence with a parang (machete) in hand!!!

[4] I used to hate the colour PINK that I refuse to wear anything in that particular colour. Now, I don’t mind! Hahaha...

[5] I’m considering LASIK.

I’ll tag Just for this one. :)


Uisehman, ko tdk mkn lamb chop pulak?? :p Hiyaaahh, sia pun tdk suka pink. Mcm too girly baaa..sia ni lasak sikit...Wah! Peristiwa 'amuk' tu betul2 scary la tu kan...siap dengan parang lagi!!

Woaaa... Lasik mia??!! Takut pulak sia.. unless I'm force to it... trrr...

Moren ~ Sia nda suka bah rasa daging kambing bah. Mcm langsi (hanyir) bah sia rasa.

Once upon a time, sia pun rasa pink is too girly. Skrg belasah sj.

Insiden amuk tu mmg bikin takut. Nda bulih lupa smpi skrg eh..

Just ~ Hehe..cdgan/angan2 ja tu Just, pada hal bulum ada duit. Boring suda bah pakai spec ni...

So, you can speak chinese lah ?


Don't have problem understanding but speak..a bit only la Jess :)

uiii..how come sia nda tau pasal ceta orang mengamuk pakai parang???
di mana kah kejadian berlaku nie??

Itu sbb kejadian tersebut dirahsiahkan atas permintaan tuan rumah. Hehe...tmpt kejadian, ruma sewa teres d TSS, dpn tu pet shop. :)

halo there.. cant find ur chat box so jadi ur stalker la ..hihi.. yup lamb chop ada sedikit hanyir but tgk tukang masak jg la kan.. :)

Oooo...I love lamb! So delicious!! Yum! Yum! Hahahahahaha!

Samalah kita..inda makan lamb chop.

Kris&Nadia ~ Hihi...mmg sia inda minat la lamb. Pa mcm masak pun, sia tetap inda mkn.

STP ~ No matter how they're cooked, I can't swallow it. Any sauce won't do much help either. :)

Nora ~ hehe..I am not alone...:)

You should give it a try. I didn't like to eat lamb, becoz I find them too cute to be eaten (yang Biri-Biri). But one day (1989... ingat lagi ba the year) I finally tried and it wasn't that bad :)

I only have one pink blouse and used it maybe 2 or 3 times a year seja.

I tried b4 Nessa. It was grilled lamb, I put rosemary sauce & peppermint sauce on it, but still it refused to go dwon my throat. Haha...give suda ni.