Kadazan jelly

Didn't go anywhere today. Just spending my time, lazing at home, playing with daughter. Mom was busy in the kitchen, cooking this traditional dessert, nanggiu. Our Kadazan equivalent to jelly or cendol. We haven't had it in a while. :)

The nanggiu is made of sago. Bought a packet of fresh sago from the tamu on Thursday evening. A packet cost only RM1.00. Do make sure that the sago is fresh ya, or else you'll get a sourish taste nanggiu.

Easy steps to prepare this yummy dessert :-

[1] Pour the whole packet of sago into a big bowl. Soaked in water for 2 nights. The sago will sunk to the bottom of the bowl leaving the water on top.

[2] Get rid of the water and make 2 - 3 balls of sago. Boiled them for a minute or two. Take them out and put aside. Let them cool.

[3] After the were cool enough for your hands to handle, flatten them on the chopping board. Make sure you dust the board with some plain flour before you begin. You don't want the sago to stick on the board! LOL

[4] Cut the flattened sago into fine strips... not too fine though. Dust them again with flour before transferring them into the saucepan.

[5] Pour the santan (coconut milk) in and add sugar as desired. Boil until all the sago strips turn into clear jelly-like strips.

...and voila! This tasty dessert is ready to be eaten! :)


my hubby and parents in-law love naggiu. now that u post the recipe here, perhaps i'll try this next time. just for the naggiu-lover family that i have...hehehe

btw, yg ada pandan flavor tu how ah? just boil the pandan leaves together with the sago kah tu?

hmmm, i never try this before.

today I lean something new


Mama Mia, you kena 'master' buat ni...preserve our own traditional food. (So your daughter ada mkn la?)

chegu ~ i forgot to mention that one :). Yup, just boil them together.

Jess ~ U should try it sometime. U can get sago easily in your place? :)

Mouren ~ Baiklah Mouren. Will try to master it. All this time, my mom sj yg bikin. Sia tulung potong2 and monitor the boiling sj.

Hmm...daughter ada mkn sikit, dia nda berapa minat :)

nice one! shame on me, I never tried this one before lolx -.-"

I'll give a shot in one of these days :)

Thks for sharing.

thanks for sharing d recipie..now i can show off to hubby that i kno how to make our local jelly ;)

Alamak..i don't know pasal the jelly lah mia..i don't sia pernah makan pun.. :(

DusunAroma ~ Ya..try la klu ada masa. You're most welcome.

Jppmom ~ Good luck :)

Kadus ~ Bah Ty, lain kali ko balik Sabah sia kasi try ko..tp ko kastau la awal2 ar spy sia bulih pigi bili sagu.

Hi momma mia,

sia pernah makan ni sekali, Aunty sia buat, sedap hehe..thank you for sharing the receipe, nanti bulilah sia try buat sendiri...:)