One fine afternoon, a stranger walked straight into our office. Didn’t even bother to knock! Nevertheless, this middle-aged guy seems like a respectable man. His bearded face was all-smile, clad in all white clothes, except for his turban. He’s a Punjabi.

As usual, my desk will be the first to be approached. I pointed him to my superior when asked for the person-in-charge. He spoke in flawless English with a sweet and polite manner. Since he’s carrying a small book, then he must be asking for donation. So I thought.

After all the greetings and hand-shake, my kind-hearted superior was ready to hear what this guy is up to. Suddenly, this guy started to blurt about what my superior’s feature reflected, even asked for a look at his palm! Kasian my superior, he was all puzzled and confused. Only then that the guy reveal his true self. “ I am a fortune-teller. A
palmist. Would you like me to read your fortune Sir? “ Ceh!! If only he’d said that earlier, no confusion will arise… :) . But then again, maybe this was part of his tactic. If he had reveal his real intention earlier, he’ll probably be shown the exit ...hahaha.

When his offer was refused, he quickly comes towards me. “ Its okay, Sir, I don’t want my palm to be read. Thank you. *smile* ”. Nah ambik kau, another rejection! He doesn’t seem to mind the rejection though. He went off nonchalantly with the same smiling face. Could this guy for real? Or he was simply trying his luck to con ppl ?

Well, I don’t really trust fortune-teller. A few years ago when I was a part-time cashier in Serdang, I’ve had an encounter with a fortune-teller. I refused but a friend accepted his offer. *smile * Me just tumpang sekaki and pasang telinga dingar tilikan si kawan. * wink*

The fortune-teller was an Indian guy, dressed like a sami (monk) with his plain-clothed assistant carrying a book. Said he would read my friend’s palm FOC. If I remembered correctly, his reading was “ You are a very lucky lady.” Friend was beaming, flattered with that comment. We waited for him to elaborate. Instead, the guy asked if friend would like to proceed for another reading. “Of course la. “ (Friend was all excited.) Besides, it doesn’t cost a anything, right?? Err, nope. The guy responded with a sweet smile and said, for the next reading, friend will have to pay for it. “ Give kind-heartedly.” Yeah, that was his exact words. Somehow, I remembered it until now. LOL.

Out of excitement, friend gave him RM1.00. He proceeded. But I don’t remember what his next read was, but I guess it sounded something like “You will soon experience good things in life.” That’s it, no further elaboration. Then came that same smile and the “Give kind-heartedly” line again. Ciss!! FOC la mangkali…Finally, to my relief, friend came to her senses. She denied the offer to proceed. The guys went out and start looking for other customer or shall I say, victim?

Hmmm…I don’t hold any grudge against any fortune-teller. But to come up with such readings, I don’t think we need to be a fortune-teller. I mean, common, its obviously too general. Even I can bluff things like that. Not that I want to con anybody…haha. Say positive things, make the customer/victim happy to make sure the money keep on coming. LOL. Of course, one got to have the nerve to go with it and appear genuine. Ahh, these two things, I lack of. Am not a good liar. :)

In my opinion, whatever God has planned for us, good or bad, should remain a mystery,an enigma. We should take it as they come and accept them as part of our destiny. But that doesn’t mean that we should not make any effort to improve our luck and our lifestyle should any good opportunity crosses our path. * smile*
I’ve read an article somewhere that if we allow our luck to be predicted, then our luck will change after that. It won’t turn-out as predicted. True or not, no one knows for sure. *smile *

P/s: This post was supposed to be a short one, but end-up to be a long and winding post instead! Hope you won’t get bored with my rambling. :)


hehehe..ko tau year 2007, our office despatch was approached by a punjab fortune teller while he was doing his errand. So ini fortune teller cakap lah..his face shows a very good luck on year 2007..sekali punya meradang our despatch..dia cakap "SAYA BARU KENA TANGKAP POLIS 2 HARI YANG LALU, KO CAKAP LAGI SAYA GOOD LUCK????" hahahaaa..kesian bah..sudah lah bad luck first week of new year..ada lagi konon orang p cakap good luck..
terus lari si fortune teller.. the got tagged by me.. :)

Fortune Teller? Nope, thanks. Mcm inda buli picaya kan?

Bila kunu ko keja jd part time cashier? Final sem??

Kadus ~ wakaka...keteh la tu fortune-teller! Padan muka dia. Dorang tu main hentam ja bah, ckp sebarang sj. Kasian jg despatch kmu, nasib baik dia nda tumbuk tu tkg tilik.

Bah nti sia lawat blog ko.

Just ~ Mmg nda bulih picaya dorang ni..Ya, hjg final sem suda, time tunggu convo ;)

Uiks...ada lagi kah itu fortune teller di KK? Yg chinese women sudah kena tangkap kan??

Mau kena warn our family and relatives about this...jgn tertipu or terpedaya...jgn kena pukau sudah ;)

Masih ada lagi Phil. Td tengahari baru sia terserempak sama durang d Donggongon...