The King of Fruits in the house

Its fruit season in Sabah right now. Local seasoned fruits like the tarap, durians, cempedak, salak etc are everywhere. Hubby came back from Lawas last night. Like always, he will bring back ole-ole. This time, he bought back some durian, dalit and tarap…:)

Hmmm, with those three strong smelling fruits in the house…you can imagine, how my kitchen smells like. All three smells blend together…There’s definitely no hiding what we have in house..hahaha. You’ll be able to tell from a mile away unless you have a blocked nose. Any Mat Salleh will sure faint from the pungent smell…LOL!

While hubby is a durian fanatic, me liked the dalit better. Well, dalit is a local name,and I absolutely have no idea if it have another formal name. Pls tell me if you have any idea ya. Okay, dalit is in the same family as durians. But it is smaller in size, have sharper thorns and red-orangy flesh. The taste is not as sweet as the durians but it’s equally yummy. I love it!

Even now, my mouth is watering thinking about them. Ahh...can’t wait to go home and enjoy them! Nyum…nyum..nyum....