Weekend chronicles : The rain, the machine and the candle-lit dinner

Hmm..rainy season in KK. Flashfloods in many parts of KK. Flood up to one feet deep in several areas according to the Daily Express today. Just as hubby, mom, daughter and maid were recovering from the flu and sore-throat bugs, my suffering has just started. Woke-up this morning with a sore throat :( . As much as I hated the sore throat, I hated the cough even more! Don’t you just hate it, when you’re in the middle of a conversation, your throat started to get itchy and a few cough will surely follow. Cis…bikin malu saja!

It’s been raining on and off since Friday evening. So, no jalan-jalan last weekend. Better spend quality time with family at home…keeping daughter accompany while watching Hi-5 on the telly. She’s very fond of the songs. It’s so entertaining to watch her attempt at imitating the action and do her own version of the songs :)

With rain everyday, it is impossible to dry the clothes. All the lines were fully occupied! To make thing worse, my 5-year old Faber washing machine broke-down pulak for the second time. * sigh * Eventually, all the clothes have to be hand-washed. Thank God I have a maid to help do the washing. But having a washing machine does save a lot of time.

The problem with dear ol’ machine is, it refused to discharge the water. Dealt with the same “illness” a year and a half ago. Already contacted the Faber technician, he said that the motherboard was faulty, so need to be replaced. I nearly fainted when he said, “ Your machine is old model. Spare part may be discontinued and no longer available! Have to buy new machine la. *chuckle* " Aiyopengsan la like that, this month-end Chinese New Year , have to chip-in some $$$ to in-laws for the family gathering. Not to mention the need to allocate some for ang pow to nephews and nieces some more...

I was so relief this morning when he called that the part is still available. He’ll fix the problem as soon as he receive the part…..Pheww!!

Last night, the whole family had a candle-lit dinner at our home sweet home. Thanks to the heavy downpour, the whole area experienced a blackout…which is often the case every time it rained heavily. Hubby was in a mood to cook his fav, sweet and sour pork. Luckily, he managed to finish with the cooking just before the everything goes pitch black. Hahaha

So that’s how my weekend goes. :) Today another new week begin…


it's been raining a lot lately..thank gawd it stopped now...i can continue with my runs XD

alamak!! your machine rosak?? bah harap cepat kena kasi repair..
if my machine rosak..there is no way i will wash the clothes by hand..punya banyak gila kain satu hari tu..

maslight ~ yup,the rained had stopped. just this morning hubby complained abt not being able to go for jog...:P

kadus ~ tu la bah. nasib baik ada helper, klu sia mo cuci sendri, mampos la...

walalala... mimang byk ni org sakit tym ni .kalu guru lg gatal kerongkong lg la bkin malu..hihi..

sabar2.. sya pun ada bad week jg ni..huhu.. hope everything will be fine to you ya :)

Kris&Nadia ~ ya bah, sabar sj la.

Mama Mia, ada machine ka, cuci pakai tangan ka...kalu tiada matahari..uhh..tdk kering juga tu kain!! It's raining man, Alleluia! Hospital banjir...paling risau kawasan Mortuary - water level can increase up to 3ft!...

Kecian... Sia pun benci betul kalau batuk ni. Kalau dlm lif, sampai mau kluar2 airmata mau tahan tu batuk. Keekek...

Kalau mesin sia yg rusak tu, no effect kali. Sbb mumy sia handwash jg dii... spinning ja dia bikin guna tu mesin... hmm..

Mouren ~ ni hari pagi2 hjn suda. Alala bahaya tu klu Mortuary kebanjiran...B4 this, hosp pernah kana banjir suda ka? mcm ni 1st time sia dgr QEH kana banjir o..

Just ~ wah, rajinnya mumy ko. Semua kain dia handwash...:)Bgs jg la bah tu Just, jimat karan :)

Mama Mia, actually hospital slalu kana banjir...tapi lama-kelamanan kws A&E and Mortuary sj teruk...pasal Mortuary, aduh! ko imagine la technician2 kami terpaksa angkat tu 'body without soul' ke freezer yg atas sikit. Nasib la jarang 'full' tu freezer..kalu tdkkkk...

alala Mouren..nasib baik masi ada ruang utk kasi pindah kan...