Took the day-off yesterday. In the morning, after I dropped hubby to work I went to do some errands. I went to withdraw the dividend/bonus for my ASB savings. Hehe...not much to withdraw as my savings amount was nothing to shout about. What did I do with the $$$ after that? * evil grin*

Deep at the corner of my mind, I heard Mr Devil whispering: “SHOP! SHOP! SHOP! TILL YOU DROP!!!” Yes, yes, yes! I’ll do that! *grin * Man, I was tempted! Hmmm…being me, I did exactly the opposite. Didn't spent it on a perfume nor did I buy a new pair of shoes. Instead, I paid my PTPTN debt. Am damn serious in reducing a significant amount of it. :) It’s one of my top resolution this year.

Sure, spending the money on things that I’ve been yearning all this time was a piece of cake. But later, I would end-up with a guilty conscience and have trouble sleeping. * sigh * . Ah, that's tooo much to bear.

Went to the Klinik Kesihatan Ibu dan Anak Penampang for daughter’s review in the afternoon. Surprise, surprise…we’re done with the visit in 1 hour. I expected the normal long wait. But, not this time. Must be our lucky day. :) Well, actually our appointment was set at 8am but somehow I thought it was 2pm. Only when the nurse mentioned about it that I realized my mistake. Thought she was going to fuss about it. But nope, that was all she said. She handed us our lucky No. 2. Our wait only lasted for 15 minutes. :) That's a record, my shortest wait ever in gov clinic!

Now at 15 mths, Vanessa weigh 10.24kg and at 83cm tall. She was not in her co-operative mood. She refused to stand still on the scale, so it was impossible to get her weighed. Her height pun agak-agak only. Eventually, we have to strip her down and put her on the digital baby scale. She was smiling from ear to ear...She was amused with the flashing red digits on the scale.

Some of her achievement :-

[1] able to walk well

[2] able to speak, a single syllable at a time. Her vocab include:- ma (referring to her Grandma), my (for Mommy, sound: “meh”), dy (for Daddy, sound : “deh”), tok (for bolitotok aka gecko)…

[3] love to eat mangosteen… :)


PTPTN lg!! Ilang mood sia trus. Neeway, salute u for being able to manage your temptation.

Mmg lucky day ko la tu Mia kalau dpt siap cpt d klinik gov. kekeke...

My youngest son call me = MIMI, the dad = DIDI so we are DIDI and MIMI...haahahahah. Okay la ba tu blh panggil2 mummy dia suda...nanti ko takajut pula bila tiba2 dia ckp mcm ni 'YO MUM! WAT'S UP?':p

wah Mia..sudah habis bayar ka tu PTPTN loan? Good for you.

Buli tahan ur vanessa suka makan mangoesteen hehehe

Sabar ko Just..Takajut bah sia bila siap awal. Mo kana numbur mangakali ni o...wakaka...

Mouren ~ Brp umur youngest son ko? MMg pingsan o kalu dia ckp YO! Apalagi kalu siap dgn gayanya....:)

InobongProper ~ Habis byr?? Mana ada Phil, puluh ribu lagi mah bakinya...:(

Dia nmpk mama sia mkn bah tu, trus dia pun minta. Dia suka la pula..

Duh, bikin skit hati ja mau pikir pasal tu ptptn. Dia pnya mngement fee tiap2 bulan kan bikin tambaaahhh lg tu total amount. Mcm along pla dorg ni tau. Hahaha.

Aaaanywayy...hv a nice weekend Mia.

wakakakakaa!! kalau si Van suddenly cakap Yo..memang pingsan oh!! akakakaka
Besar sudah dia kan mia.. :)

Adora ~ ya bah. Nasib baik durang bulum pandai dtg ketuk pintu rumah tagih utang..

Kadus ~ ya Ty, nda rasa o kan. 15 bln suda dia...:)