No pain, no gain...

Warning: Contain images/graphic that are not suitable for the faint-hearted.
Are you a fan of body art? Doesn't matter la what type..body-piercing or tattoo. Used to have multiple earrings on my ear lobe and auricle, on both ears. Being the rebellious teen, I did exactly what mom told me NOT to do. Really gave mom a nightmare last time...*wink* Now with a daughter of my own, I will DEFINITELY tell her NOT to follow my footstep of getting multiple ear piercing when she grew up. By then, I guess I'll know how mom felt last time...*sigh*

I aslo like tattoo. Been interested in it since my uni years...always thought of getting one. A small one will do. Now after 5 years, I'm still stuck with the thought...LOL. Never had the guts to go under the needle. Looks like that thought will stay...a thought after all. Hubby is strongly against it. IF only I managed to get one, it will look something like this.
But, for those die-hard body art lover out there, tattoo is just ain't enough. They are doing skin carvings now. I mean real skin carving. It's an ancient form of body art, the exact term is scarification . Like those on the Maori warriors. The outcome is quite interesting and beautiful don't you think? Tempting...wait until you see the work in progress.
All the pain you have to go through,, thank you. Can't never, ever drag myself to do it. Don't want anybody to carved on my skin. By looking at these pics, is enough to give me goose-bumps already. Can almost feel the scalpel penetrating my flesh...yikes!! No matter how beautiful the outcome, skin carving is NOT for me. Cannot bear the suffering.


Still remember kita p S&M Arcade did the ear-piercing. Phewwww... Anyway, menakutkan tinguk tu pix ko. Cepat ja sia kasi skip... trrr..

EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! gila lah sepa yang buat macam tu..mau mati awal kah apa tu?? gila ehhhhh

just ~ alala..sorry la u hv to see the pix..tu la sia taruh warning d atas! mmg bikin takut!

kadusmama ~ mmg karaja gila kan.. Elmia ka nie??? hehehe...Anyway, thanks for dropping by my blog ;p

hehe..hi joyce..sia la bah ni...

are they nuts or what?
ishhhh...punya sakit tu

nasib sia ada buat 1 tattoo b4 jumpa my hubby, now mau tambah yg kici pun tidak bulih :(

mimang smart lah tu body art, tapi gila babi sakit, kana cucuk jarum pun lagi mo buka kulit!

chegu carol ~ sot suda drg tu mangkali
joyce ~ mogot poh ada jg ko buat tattoo. sia aiso harapan suda ni