"Eat your plate when you've finished your food ! "

Sooner, we may utter this line to our kids. Hahaha…Bye-bye to melamine plates, say hello to tapioca plates. This may be the long awaited solution to reduced our over-dependent on polystyrene and plasticware currently used for our take away food /tapau.

10 good things about the tapioca plates:-
  • 100% natural, made of tapioca/ubi kayu starch, the raw material are easy to get
  • evironmental friendly : CFC free, fully biodegradable, recycable thru composting
  • edible : feed them to the fishes & animals if you’re too full to eat them
  • long shelf life
  • faster biodegradable rate,28 days
  • durable : microwave-safe,100°C
  • can become fertilizers when it biodegrades
  • requires less energy to produce
  • allows to wide range of colours & grahics (sooner I guess, cos now only available in plain white, as seen in their website, on TV and newspapers)
  • affordable price, RM0.35 per piece

BUT, it can only store liquids for about an hour! So, if your food contain a lot of gravy, just make sure you finish it within an hour ya. Otherwise, you’ll end up with additional pattern on your clothes. :p


Wuii, bagus juga tu if can eat the plates. Inda payah susah2 cuci piring lagi kan... kalau la :D

Bagus ba dis product, biodegradable kan.