The driver and the mysterious fruits…

Story #1:
Talking about irresponsible driver, here’s one example. It happened yesterday during lunch time, this car was parked at the middle of the road. Didn’t see the driver though. If he/she was in hurry and no parking space available, fine, I can understand why he/she did this. BUT, see, there were plenty of parking space available mah…only inches away. Why can’t he/she park the car properly? Apparently, this driver don't give a damn on other drivers. After an hour the car was still there. Luckily, there was not many car passing by.Otherwise, will have to bear the ear-deafening honk from other driver. Even worse if somebody bump into it...

Story #2:

Went to the tamu nearby, this incident caught my interest. A few schoolgirls passed by a stall selling one particular type of local fruit. One of them was really curious to know what fruit it is. Obviously none of them know the name of it. Suddenly, one of them came up with a “brilliant” answer- "Ini lah buah STRAWBERRY " *LOL

I only know the local name, lumbi. Even the seller introduced it as lumbi also. A bunch of them is sold at RM2 only. Seller was kind enough to share these info, lumbi is used as ingredient in cooking, especially fish dish aka pinasakan in Kadazan, can be eaten raw, just peel off the skin and dip into ketchup or asam boi (hamoi). I’d tasted it before but didn’t like it though. It’s too sour…even more sour than the young mangoes….


that driver is just a dumb driver..hahaha!! mesti lesen kopi tu..bodoh sekali parking tengah jalan!!
and the buah pulak!! I don't know what it is...but of course bukan strawberry lah!! hahahaha

adeh..just reading yer post abt d lumbi makes my mouth watery & my eyes close coz i know d taste is really sourrrr!!!but yes, definitely not strawberry LOL!

i've never seen this fruit before, more asamer than young mangga?i loikeee!!!mesti sadap tu tauuuu