Tag – Difficult-to-do.

Tagged by Kadusmama a few weeks ago…only today I decided to do it. Why? Bcos it’s a difficult one. Hehehe...the title says it all. So, here goes my anwers…

[1] My roomates and I once : Locked ourselves in our room, switched off the light & fan, kept quiet and pretended not to be in our room. Went thru all that just to escape the boring college orientation. Hehehe….

[2] Never in my life have I : used my passport. After 2 yrs, it’s still well kept in the drawer. *sigh*

[3] High school was : one of the best time in my life. I’ll treasure the memories forever.

[4] When I'm nervous: I tend to talk nonsense..some time rapidly, some time mumbling without eye contact.

[5] My hair : is getting thinner and thinner, especially after having my daughter. SOS….

[6] When I was 5 : I’m in one of the Chinese Kindergarten. Being one of the few Kadazan students, I was very shy. After a few months, shy no more..we all became friends. *smile *

[7] When I turn my head left : I saw a clustered IN/OUT/KIV tray. Need to clear/file it before the Co. Auditor comes to visit after Raya. Yikes!

[8] I should be : doing research for some paper work. But now I’m preoccupied with other things.

[9] By this time next year : I’ll still be blogging. Hahahaa….

[10] My favourite aunt is : Betty Suarez (I wish…hehehe…) for being funny & resourceful. But not her fashion sense ya. :p

[11] I have a hard time understanding : Politics and Politician!!!

[12]My ideal breakfast is : a mug of Nescafe & a piece of char kuey.

[13] If you visit my hometown : I’ll take you to sample the mee/mihun soup nearby. Very popular one you know…

[14] If you spend the night at my house: pls tell me earlier so that I can clear the mess ya. LOL

[15] The animal I would like to see flying besides birds is : none other than my cats ~ Pungit & Mew-mew

[16] I shouldn't have been : eating so much during lunch cos now I’m getting sleepy pulak

[17] Last night I : woke-up a few times during my sleep. Luckily, I was able to continue my sleep after that.

[18] A better name for me would be : Emily…simple & easy to pronounce. My existing name, Elmia is too unique, some ppl find it hard to pronounce properly, especially Chinese acquaintance...it must be the “L” word ;p

[19] I've been told I look like : my late dad. Of course la wey, I’m his daughter mah

[20] If I could have any car, it would be : one of the SUVs eg. Toyota RAV4, Honda CRV or the 4x4 Toyota Hilux…can’t decide. Greedy me… *wink-wink*


Ya ba kan Mia. Napa sia nda terecall pasal bertapuk dlm bilik time orientation tu aaa.. Hahaha!!

Oh!!!! Ko escape orentasi ah!! hehe masa di Kolej kah Uni nie???

I like SUVs too, but can only dream

just~ sot o kn..sanggup bah btapuk semata-mata mo escape. hahaha...

kadus ~ d Uni bah, KTDI....depan kolej ko bah dlu :p

valtay~ same here. In our dream, we can drive them for free...:P

Elmia? Very unique name!!!...Aiyor...go all the way, just eat mihun kah? LOL!!!

STP ~ haha...that's what crossed my mind when i'm answering the Q.