Weekend Part 1

Part 1 of my weekend was spent in KK. Started my Saturday earlier than usual, prepare daughter’s porridge, fried mihun for us adults, machine-wash & hang the clothes while hubby and daughter were still tucked under the blanket. Also planted the sunflower seed which I bought last month. All time, it has been lying on the kitchen cabinet, hopefully its still good. I love sunflower!
After energized by a plate of fried mihun & a cup of nescafe, I started my cleaning chores right away. This time it’s a major cleaning. Rolled the rug, swept and mopped the floors, get rid of the spider web at the corners before it spread and expand, cleaned the glass windows, changed and washed the cushion cover etc. Phewww…it sure was a tiring tasks but the end result it very satisfying. Well, the glass is not exactly sparkling clean, and the floor is not exactly dust-free but it’s cleaner than before. *wink * The BEST PART is I did it all by myself. *grin*
Before I was a mom, I normally do the cleaning on impulse, or in other words, ONLY when I’m in the mood. Don’t get me wrong ya; I’m not that unhygienic or lazy person…it just that I do the floor-mopping & windows-cleaning less often, twice a month only. Hehe… Well, what can I say, motherhood really changed me in some way. Now I do it every week. Can’t do it more often bcos I work full time.

Ok, enough said on the cleaning. The next day, we went to Wisma Merdeka. It's been a while since our last visit. Missed the Hainan Steamed Chicken Rice sooo very much. During my pregnancy, nearer to the end of 2nd trimester, I used to bring hubby there, like every weekend. Each time, I can finish 2 plates of rice…LOL. I was craving mad about the food. My weight before I deliver is 67kg…crazy man! Luckily, I managed to shed the extra kilos…now @ 50kg. Still, heavier than before pregnancy but I’m not complaining. I just need to shed a few more kilos lagi but... exercise/jogging is just not my thing. So, I guess diet is the only solution. By the way, cleaning the house is consider an exercise also mah right?! * grin *

Back on track, Wisma Merdeka was packed with people on Sunday, most of them shopping for their baju Raya. We went home after grabbing a few shorts. In the evening, we packed and went off to Keningau.

That's Part 1 of my weekend. See ya in Part 2.


wah!!! rajin nya kasi bersih rumah!! sia pemalas oh hahaha!! penat and teda masa mau kasi bersih..
But mio..banyak pulak berat ko naik kan??? nda pa..nda lama lagi bulih hilang sudah tu..hehehe

The everyday housewife...??? I see you're in KK. Could have met up when I was there.

kdmama ~ now rajin sikit kc bersih ruma dgn harapan bulih kurus..ekeke...
STPui ~ Can't afford to be a full time hsewife. Still need my existing job

Hi Mama Mia! My first time here, thanks for visiting my blog :)

I oso love sunflower, my faveret besides daisies/gerbera.

Aduh, lama suda sia tida pigi W. Merdeka... I think more than 5 years suda. I used to go there and eat at Caprilla di tingkat atas.