Weekend Part 2

Monday afternoon, as planned earlier, we’re going to the kebun. However, there was a change of venue. Instead of going to the kebun to harvest the palm oil bunches, FIL took us to another one. Seem like this time also no chance for me to see the harvesting process.

I’m quite excited though, as I’ve never been to this particular kebun before. It was also hubby first visit since his teenage years. He and a few of his friends used to follow some uncle on their hunting trip back then. The popular catch was the civet cats. This kebun is quite far from my in-laws house and from Keningau Town. We passed thru a few kampung and other people’s kebun. At the interior part, only a few houses or pondok can be seen. There was also no electricity. The road was gravel and bumpy at some stretch. But the existing condition is far better than before, as I was told. But it is not advisable to go there during rainy season. In case, car got struck, it is such a long, long walk to the nearest kampung to get help. Hmm…don’t count on your mobile phone, there’s no signal available …
The road leading to kebun. Daughter test power her new shoes.

The surrounding was peaceful with nice, green view. Although some adjacent land has been cleared and ready to be planted with palm oil, most of them are still covered with secondary forest. FIL’s piece of land is one of them. There’s a plan to plant it with palm oil, but how soon? Not sure yet. A lot of things need to be taken into consideration eg money, manpower and time.
Peaceful and green

On the way back, we stopped by a tower on somebody’s land. Hubby wanted to have a better view of the surrounding areas. He didn’t climbed to top though. The structure looked quite old and a bit shaky. Don’t want to take a risk, in case the tower collapsed pulak. Touch wood….

Tower and the view from the tower. The young palm oil trees.

It rained along our way back to KK on Tuesday. There was a landslide in Moyog area. Some trees fell on the roadside. Fortunately, the road was not affected and me had a safe journey. Hmm…like usual, we grabbed some fruit and vege back to KK. This time it’s gourd/labu, pumpkin and the 'giant' papaya. So, that’s all about my long weekend.


wah!!!!!!!!!!! bestnya ada kebun..can tanam buah2an and sayuran..lain kali kalau bebuah sudah suma...best mau harvest the buah2 yang ada..

waa... Mia... Bnyk jg karaja tu kalau mau diusahakan tanah tu! Anyway, selamat maju jaya aa.. hehehe...

Your post reminds me of our kebun back home tapi tidak la besar saiz dia. Yang best skali ada banyak pokok rambutan and belunu :D

Kdmama ~ yes, mmg siok when harvest buah-buahan & sayur..:p

Just ~ tu la, penat bah jd petani tp hasilnya lumayan

nessa~ :p nda lama lg musim rambutan suda kan...

Woweee I always dream of having a kebun. Waktu sa kicik2 pun selalu pigi kebun arwah dato sana Sandakan, pungut kupi

LabPapa ~ Tq for dropping by. Bagus bah ada kebun. Bila buring suda mkn gaji, bulih la jd petani moden...;p