A big hole in the wallet…

*Sigh * Old folks say it’s not good to sigh, but don’t know what else to do. Seems like it is the best and the easiest thing to do now. It helps to ease the pain…(erkk, really??! )

What happened was this. We’ve sent our ol’ faithful Kancil to the workshop last Friday..to have the gear box replaced. It has been ‘sick' since January, been having problem to switch gear every now and then. But only now we decided to send it to see the ‘car doctor”… after it start emitting this funny sounds. Don’t want to take the risk of having it break down in the middle of the road pulak.

So alang-alang, also got the clutch disc and oil seal changed. Now, gone are the funny sounds, dear Kancil is healed from illness. Well, here’s the breakdown of the cost: -

Gearbox = RM680.00
Clutch disc =RM 62.00
Oil seal = RM15.00
Labour charge = RM220.00

The air-cond gas was all drained up; it feels like being in a sauna when driving during the noon. That refill cost an additional RM80.00.

So, that add-up to the whopping grand total of RM1,057.00. *pengsan* Can u believe it? So expensive la wey, especially the gear box…and mind you, it’s only an 850 Kancil…if bigger the car, I bet the higher the price it will be…*faint again *

I didn’t fork out the cash from my own wallet though, bcos hubby paid all the cost. But kesian la hubby, really burnt a big hole in his wallet….Now, it’s only the 10th day of Sep…another 19 days to go before payday. Have to ikat perut, can forget about buying unnecessary things…

Anyway, the bottom line is, do regular maintenance on your car. It will save you a great deal and ease the pain in your wallet.


mia..begitu lah bah tu...sekali repair kerita..pengsan!!! last year sia punya kembara tukar gearbox...RM4800 bah!!!!!! terpaksa sia suruh cw bayar dulu..hehe sia nda mampu..now every month sia bayar installment his credit card..
tapi memang bah..kerita lagi mahal dari beli diamond..silaka sungguh kan??

Yep... regular maintenance is a must when u own a car! I learnt from it thou.. Also spent approx RM1k for our Wira in June... phewww... Ada keta, susah. Teda keta, pun susah...

kdmama~tu la, silaka butul!
just~no choice la bah kan, nowadays misti mo ada kreta

i was told the same too. make sure the car is serviced regularly and if possible every 3 months.

Count ur blessings! U could have owned a Mercs...and imagine how much that would cost!!!...Hello! Paying u a return courtesy visit! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Will link you in my blogroll!