Weekend is approaching….

Hey, it’s Friday again. It’s going to be long weekend for me. *grin * I’m on leave next Monday, and Tuesday, Sep 16th is also a public holiday in Sabah. Yippee!! This time, the celebration of the TYT birthday will be postponed to Oct 16 bcos of the fasting month.

Came in to the office this morning with sleepy eyes but in a good mood. Slept quite late last night. Did some reading after baby Vanessa dozed-off. Another bestseller, thriller by James Patterson. I was eager to finish it last night, can’t wait to see how the story ends *grin * Must have been too absorbed into the story that I didn’t realized it was already half past midnight…Aiyoh, so fast the time go, got to get some sleep. So, I hit the pillow anyway, even though my mind and eyes still wide-awake. Still enthusiastic to get to the last page *grin* …but I was nowhere near the end when I stopped reading…LOL. Don’t know what time I dozed-off. Last thing I remember, I was rolling left and right, struggling to sleep…

Not much happened today, nothing much to do also. Just sitting in front of the computer, answering the phone. Boring. Earlier, I’ve prepared all necessary doc on one supplier for the HQ to process the payment. It is the only significant task for today. Can’t avoid glancing at the time every now and then. Isn’t it funny that when you are enjoying your time, it tends to go by so quickly? But when you are feeling bored, it’s the other way around pulak. There goes again, another yawn, probably the 100th time ..hahaha

So far, no specific plan yet for the weekend. If hubby comes back from Bintulu, then we’ll go to Keningau. Pay my in-laws a visit and help them out in the kebun. I never had the chance to see palm oil bunches being harvested before…

Ah, finally, it’s time to go off. Have a nice weekend you all. See ya.


Happy weekend and long holiday to you..jelesnya sia!!
Me also like you bah kalau baca buku..nda pandai berenti nie..sampai pagi pun nda apa!! hahaha gila juga sometimes..

hellow mamamia! :-) thanks for visiting my blog ya.. have a nice weekend!

mia!ko ka tu hehe kawin nda jemput sia esehmen..bah do drop by to my boutique when u're in keningau ahh..see u when i see u :)-duth