Still standing

Cheers to our teams, Bernie & Henry and Ida & Tania for still remaining in The Amazing Race Asia 3. In the 3rd episode last nite, once again siblings, Bernie & Henry arrived first at the pit stop. Our 2nd team, Ida & Tania at 3rd place. The Thais Beauty Queens were the latest casualties. I won’t do the recap ya, as Nessa has done it :p

Finally, Natalie’s suffering was ended but I felt sorry for Pailin. It was obvious that she was the one who had really worked hard for the team. If not for her commitment…sure awal-awal lagi suda terkeluar! Pity on her for choosing the wrong partner to participate in a race like this.

Anyway, jia you (3x) to our teams. Keep up the good work girls and guy! 8 more legs to go, more adventure and suffering to endure...


ayak..sia tia tingu amazing race lah.. :( teda masa pun mau tingu tv..
bah mia..ada tag for you to do ya..

ok now the beauty queens team sdh kena rooting for either the other Thais couple or the dad & son team frm India to be eliminated next.

Sia betul2 geram bila si Bernie & Henry dapat tu jip rusak. Nasib baik diorang first lagi kan :D

Yeah, I pity Pailin too. She should have paired with Oliver. Penyabar lagi dia tu sama si Natalie.

Oh, thanks for the link :D

ya I love amazing race espcly Pamela & Vanessa last season, Malaysian team not bad! Chayo2!!! heeheh

kadus~bah nti sia bikin tu tag kio

chegu ~ i hope its team India got eliminated in nx leg...

nessa~ ya bah. bikin panas butul c Natalie tu.

kobie~hopefully both our team will get to d finale ya..