Shopping for a good cause

There was this tall and slim lady queuing at the cashier counter. She was two persons in front. I don’t know her but I know that she is going shopping this weekend for yoga clothes. How did I know about her plan? Well, I heard her talking about it on her mobile. Hey, I didn’t mean to eavesdrop but it was impossible not to listen. :) She was talking loud enough for the entire queue to hear. Some people just can’t tone down their volume, can they? :)

I was tempted to tell her about Oprah Store, you know but nah, I minded my own business…hehe.. From the name itself, Oprah Store, you can tell that the store has something to do with Oprah. Yup, Oprah as in the rich and famous talk show host, Oprah Winfrey. She owns the store. It is a specially store full of merchandise that represents the style and taste this celebrity celebrates and shares on her talk show and her magazines. It has diversified products that include souvenir items such as selected South African arts and crafts, loungewear, sleepwear, basics, O baby, yoga and exercise clothing, men’s clothing and more. There certainly is something for everyone. :)

As we know, Oprah is a celebrity with a big-heart. Therefore, 100% of the profits from the sale of Angel Network apparel will go to Oprah’s Angel Network. Same goes with the profits from the sale of Leadership Academy apparel, 100% of it will benefit The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy Foundation. So, every time you buy apparel in these two lines, you are actually helping the needy. Now that’s what I call shopping for a good cause. :)