A bubbly song ...

No desperate call from the Acc Dept today. Ahh, finally, they get my message crystal clear. Now that I’m done re-arranging, tidying-up old files and entering new data into the system, I can relax a bit. :)

You have already heard this song numerous times but I’ll share it anyway. I’m no big fan of Michael Buble but I love this upbeat number. A bubbly (no pun intended) song like this will cheer up anyone having sour mood. :) Oh, love the video too. Enjoy!


Hi Mama Mia, he has a nice crooning voice, abit like Frank Sinatra.
But I guess I have not gone overboard for his singing....my wife does.
You keep well and have a nice day, Lee.

Uncle Lee ~ :) I love this one song in particular though I'm not a fan of the man himself.

SJB ~ siok kan? Bila dingar ni lagu trus ceria bah sia rasa..hehe..