The reasons behind ...

We’re in the second week of January already but .. oh gosh, I’ve only manage to post one entry. Hmm…so far, not so good. *sigh* Awal-awal lagi, I have failed one of my 2010 resolution, i.e. to update my blog regularly with 2-3 post a week. Susah ini macam…nda bulih jadi ni tau…hehe..

No, my friends, I did not lose my passion for blogging, nor am I sick or something. It just that I’m having this 'mental block' … again.* sigh* Believe me, I did try to come up with a post...but each time, I only get as far as a sentence or two, then…blank. *sigh* Hopefully, this mental block is only temporary.

Well, it doesn’t seem fair to put the entire blame to this ‘mental block’ alone…hehe.. My MIA in the blogosphere has also something to do with these new 'buddies’ of mine. I bought them as Christmas gift to yours truly…hehe.. I have finished reading nearly all of them; only left with Steve Berry’s.
Oh, if you don’t already know this. Times is having their Biggest Book Fair from 7 – 24th January, 10:30am – 10pm at the main concourse of Suria Sabah Shopping Mall. They are offering up to 70% discount! Omigod! My mind keeps telling me to head that way ASAP..hahahaa…

Didn’t I ever tell you that I’m such a bookworm? I always have a weakness for books…especially mysteries and thrillers. Reading them make me feel as if I am doing the investigation myself, examining the evidence, doing deductions and all that. Good exercise for the brain. Hence, that was probably the main reason that I enjoyed watching Sherlock Holmes, the movie. And yes, the fact that it contains a lot of funny scenes also makes it an entertaining movie to watch. But whatever the reason was, it definitely had nothing to do with the lead actors, i.e. Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law. I am not a fan of neither. *grin*

Alright, having said that I love doing my own deductions and stuff like that, it doesn’t mean I do not have the urge to peek at the last page of a book…LOL. Oh yeah, the urge is always there…hehe...Anyhow, it is always fulfilling to know that it was indeed the person you suspected that turns out to be the perpetrator in the end. Yay! A real satisfaction!

So, just how good is my detective skill? Well, here’s a clue - not even close to Mr Holmes. *LOL* Let’s just say that I am not always right. I have my fair share of rights and wrongs. But still, I love detective/mystery books! Can't get enough of them. *smile*


I also have writer (or should I say, blogger?) block sometimes. Cannot think of how to write a post. hahaha!

Ya, sya nampak tu ads about the book fair, but nasib ko remind lagi hehe... Thanks! ;-)

I'm a mystery lover too. My favorites are cozy mysteries where the emphasis is on--like you say--deduction. I like to try to figure out the crime before the protagonist does. I don't really care for lots of chasing and fighting in my mysteries. How about you?

wahhh... mcm best2 semua itu buku.. ^_^

hi....i also loved mysteries & thriller! My mini library at home is full with em..but now n then i read the chicklit the way, nice page! I'll be visiting u again sis!

Rose ~ i guess, its normal to get writer/blogger block.. hehe..

ChocMintGirl ~ when i saw the ad, trus terbeliak bah mata..rasa mcm mau pigi sana bah trus.. :)

Patricia Rockwell ~ same here..i don't care much about the fighting. :)

cath J ~ mmg best bah! that's why bila suda start, trus cannot stop suda..

Kniedaz ~ wow..u have a mini library at home? i wish i have one also. Thank you for coming by. Am heading to your blog right now..:)

Hi Mama Mia, ha ha, you did manage to blog something.
Love your eloquence.

Before coming to Canada, I was about to destroy all my old work diaries, notebooks, more than 35 of them.
But when I glanced at them for the last time putting them in the fire, I changed my mind as I had noted all my social activities past 30 years.
And when I discovered Blogs, itu la dia, ada subjects.

You keep well and have a nice day, Lee.

Uncle Lee, good thing you took that last glance at them,otherwise semua jadi abu..hahaha..