Break-in attempt

When we (colleagues and I) arrived at the office this morning, this is what greeted us. Our grill was damaged and the padlock gone! Based on the condition of the grill, I say that the burglar(s) had struggled to pry it open but somehow did not succeed in his attempt. How fortunate for us…phew
Thank God that our grill is strong enough to hold the burglar(s). Had he/they manage to wreck the grill, all the desktops and notebooks (company’s assets as well as customers’) were long gone by then. The chances of recovery are as good as zero.

I was the last person to leave the office yesterday. As usual, before I leave, I’ll make sure every door and grills are locked. All padlocks are in place and the alarm system activated. When I left, there was nothing or nobody suspicious lurking around.

Of all the grills, only the one at our main door was tampered. No sign of forced-entry on the ground and first floor. This is the first break-in attempt since we moved our office here a few years back. Hmm…not a good start for a new year.

Okay, since there was nothing stolen, Boss said there is no need to lodge a police report. As instant security measure, we are to replace the padlocks and most likely, we will install CCTV at the main door and near the staircase ASAP.

Above all that, I thank Him that the incident happened after I left. God knows what the burglar(s) is/are capable of. I rather not go further with that thought. And from now on, I will leave the office together with the others. Whatever unfinished tasks, they just have to wait until tomorrow.

*Update *
After discussion with the directors, Boss decided to lodge a police report. Hopefully, the police will patrol the area more frequent.


luckily ko sdh blik kn..Thank God..

Wah, scary! Ya, thank God ko balik time tu teda apa2 kan. Bikin takut oh if nda kena buat report coz manatau ada next attempt, bukan minta2, but pre-caution kan. Ngam2 ko bilang mo tukar kerja lagi tu. Bah, jaga2 ko sana, Mia. Mungkin orang2 yang selalu limpas2 sana tu.

omg.. luckily nothing happened kan.. nasib baik ko sempat check semua & make sure everything's fine before you left.

Phewww.... what a relief! should put up some security features..Takecare MamaMia

Dear Mama Mia - I'm ur loyal 'silent reader'. Sia tau apa ko rasa tu, sebab dl pun sia begitu. Bukan 1 kali tapi 2 kali bah, ofis kami kena masuk pencuri. My office dl di Asia City...sigh...bikin takut oh kan..lagipun pencuri2 skrg ni macam2 drng buat. Bukan mcm dl kan. Thank God u ndak apa2. Palis2 'touch wood'...

Hugs n take care...

Thank god, the burglar didn't break in. You are so fortunate, otherwise......

Itu dia Sherlock Holmes Pinampang at work hehehe.. Mmg byk kes pecah masuk skrg ni. Thank God nothing bad happened. Yup, i agree that your company need to install CCTV asap. Be extra careful coz the burglars might come back with more sophisticated tools. Like Choc Mint Girl bilang, lebih baik buat police report.. Take care

luckily ur r not there..
take care will u?

Carmelliny ~ ya bah, Carmel..

ChocMintGirl ~ yes, it is scary.Last2 my boss tukar fikiran,he decided to lodge a police report juga.Thank you for your concern,Crys.Kami pun suspek gitu.

AnnieMing ~ yes, nasib baik percubaan diorang tida berjaya

HoneyBUZZin ~ already discuss with my boss about it. hopefully,he'll do something about the security system

PuanSaiman ~ :) akhirnya ni kali ko mengomen kan? ini la masalah kalu office di shoplot, teda security guard..urang2 yg tida berkenaan senang2 sj menceroboh. Nda berani suda sia mau balik lambat skrg. Thank you for your concern. :)

zuiyanhong ~ yes,very fortunate indeed. Thank you for visiting. :)

Ornest ~ Sherlock Holmes P'pang? hahhaha...kami ada suspek bah tapi teda bukti,nda bulih buat apa2 juga.

After fikir panjang, my boss decided to lodge a police report & agree to install security system.

Kniedaz ~ yes,i'm grateful for that. Thanks,Kniedaz.

Omg scarynya mama mia..

Nasib baik kau sudah balik time tu. I think your boss need to do police report la, sebab if you have record, the police maybe can monitor the area and prevent the same incident happened next time.

Me too lambat balik semenjak dua menjak ni, tapi bukan ada pencuri, ada benda lain pula hehe.. nanti sia blog about it when I'm free..:D

Bikin takut oo...better go back with the others kan..bikin takut juga kalau alone baru mau pulang and lock the doors. Take care

oh!! i can soooo relate our experience kena rob our office! Nasib kamu nda kena ambi apa2 kan..jaga2 saja lah lain kali..

Hmm.. nda pyh la ko rajin2 mau buat FREE OT mia. Blk ja on time.

Bahaya tau saturang2 d ofis sampai malam.

Nda mau buat polis report ka? Mana tau ada 2nd attempt, nda puas hati pnya pasal..

Nora ~ iya, nasib baik. Last2 my boss buat juga bah polis report.ada juga bah polis meronda kwsn sini tapi tu pencuri suda aim bah time line clear baru bikin aktiviti.

hehe..don't know which one is scarier, the human intruder or the other thing..You take care also. Jgn la kita balik lambat lagi. :)Waiting for your post psl benda lain tu.

Carolyn ~ yes, Carolyn. I don't dare to stay alone lagi in the office.

KaDusMama ~ sia masih ingat tu post ko. Nasib baik tu pencuri nda dapat buka tu grill, kalu tidak abis la segala barang2 dia sapu..

Just ~ hehe..ya lor, sia2 ja OT, bukan kena byr pun.

itu la yg sia takut tu, 2nd attempt. harap2 itu boss suda pigi buat report.tadi sia dgr dia bilang mau report

Hi Mama Mia! Hepi new year 2010 :)

aduii... tahun baru kana cubaan mencuri lagi. Nasib baik la the grill kuat, nothing taken kan.

my ofis area lagi la bahaya... sorrounded by bengkel2, but so far teda la kejadian yang inda diingini tejadi.

Installing a CCTV is definitely a gud idea :)

Happy new year to you too,Nessa.

itu la bah, awal2 tahun suda ada cubaan mencuri.nasib baik tida berjaya.

ee..bahaya juga area opis ko ni..ko pun jaga2 kama..

yes, CCTV penting bah..harap2 tu bos jadi instal

Nasib baik juga you all are not there..good your boss already make a police report...

I dun wanna think too much.. but Thank God bah.. nothing bad happen.. pheew..

CAB ~ ya bah, alv..

Evelyn ~ yes Eve, thank God!