Back to normal

We are in the 4th day of 2010 already. Everybody is back to work. Schooling kids and their parents are back to their routine of waking up very early. This morning, when I drive passed one of the kindergartens; I saw many cars ( more than the usual) parked at the compound. They got to be the parents' cars. Parents whose accompanying their kids on their first day of school. Three more years and I will get to experience the same. *smile*

Oh, yes, I was going to post about my New Year celebration. Well, it was not much of a celebration actually though there was something different this year. *wink* Hubby and I, didn’t stay home waiting for the countdown like previous years.

Okay, on 31 Dec, after work, hubby and I had our dinner, candle light dinner at a fancy restaurant in town. Drinking champagne….hahahaha…just kidding! No candle light dinner, ya! It was just having dinner at a normal, Restoran 818 with some 10 other patrons. *smile* After that, we were off to Growball Cineplex Centre Point to watch the 9.45pm show of Sherlock Holmes. We enjoyed the movie. Will definitely watch the, there will be a sequel, right? Based on how it ends, I bet there will be a sequel. :)

The movie ended just before midnight. Hubby thought of going to Jesselton Point to get the feel of the Ultimate Borneo Music Blast Xperience, Stompin’ Sabah. But knowing that the place, road and parking space were already congested by then, we both agree that there’s no point of going there. However, we did get the chance to watch the fireworks. It was a beautiful sight indeed.

Okay, since I wasn’t home when 2010 was ushered in, I missed the ‘music’ and fireworks at my kampung. Yup, I missed the sounds of singkokobongon and gong , which according to Mom, "masih macam dulu-dulu juga bah." :)


yes, today is the day.. kid going to school, dropping her early early morning and taking her to tuition at night... so far, so tired.. hahaa..

No photos of the food?...I don;t think I'd want to wathc Holmes. Don't like Robert Downey Jr. Didn't like him since Ally McBeal. Can't stand the way he speaks...and his sleepy-eyed face!

thats a great new yer celebration.. with ur hubby. i din get to celebrate new years eve with my other half :(

nyway.. happy new year mamaMia :)

Happy New Year!!

bestnya...had dinner and watched movie..

for me...i was home alone huwargghhh....for the first time..nobody came to my house..relatives masing2 buat BBQ..hehehe

Im late to work yesterday due to the school reopen ahahaa.. by the way..Sherlock Holmes? I really want to watch it ..nanti I asked my 'hubby' bring me..hehehhe

Hi Mama Mia,

Wah so romantic hehe.. Its been a months since I went to cinema tow atch movie with my other half. usualy we just watch it at home, by buying the cetak rompak DVD hehe.(terible me)

This year, I slept early and only woke up when I heard the fireworks at 12 midnite. No celebartion at all. I just wish my hubby happy New year then Go back to sleep LOL.

Only the next day then we went to PD to jalan-jalan hehe..:D

reanaclaire ~ sounds likes tiresome chores..hehe..

STP ~ Sorry la, STP, no photos. :) Am not a fan of the guy either. Just ignore him and concentrate on the storyline ler..

nc ~ oww..dont be sad, Nc..banyak lagi bah occasion that you can celebrate sama2.. :)

InobongProper ~ Happy New Year to you too,Phil. Lama ko menghilang in blogsphere ni? :)

Why you didn't go to BBQ at relatives' house?

CAB ~ oww...kesiannya ko,Alv. Bah, drag him la to watch the movie..

Nora ~ hehe...jalan2 to PD? romantic juga bah tu jalan2 di beach..

I made a comment yesterday, but was not published? :((

ChocMintGirl ~ iya ka,Crys? teda sia nampak comment ko pun dlm tu list in moderation box...don't be sad,Crys. If u don't mind, u can comment again.. :)

Iya bah, Mia. Ada glitch kali tu kan. :-)

Sya ingat2 dulu apa yang sya komen tu. I think I was saying about I also prefer watching movies on New Year's eve than to be somewhere congested kali tu heehee... dan sya rasa funny pula baca apa yang mom ko cakap hehe, masih macam dulu2... So, nda rugi juga ko bah! ;-)

ChocMintGirl ~ mangkali la tu,Crys. Ya, nda rugi..the movie pun entertaining. :)

So romantic, dinner on 31 Dec. As for me, slept the night away irregardless of the rains and firework on 31 Dec night. hahaha!! :p

So fast, 1 week has passed. Happy 2010, mama mia!

Rose ~ hahaha...romantic? Happy new year to you too,Rose. :)

Jeles ba sia sama ko pnya New Year celebration Mia though it's a normal dinner and movie ja.. Naaaati la.. hehee

Just ~ aik? jeles pula si Just..hihi..Apa kata,this coming Valentine,kamurang pigi dinner & watch movie..time CNY juga tu, misti KL sunyi sepi bcos ramai urang balik kampung.. ;)