New kitchen sink anyone?

*sigh* If only I had bought my favourite 4D number in the last week’s draw, I would have had the money to do some minor remodeling for my kitchen. I would have replaced my existing kitchen sink too. My existing sink has been performing its duty loyally for a good 5 years now.

Having one of MR Direct’s undermount stainless steel sink would be an additional joy. For your info, MR Direct sells the best quality of kitchen sinks at low prices. Serious, they can do that because they have their own factory. *smile* All their sinks are made of cold rolled high quality 304 stainless steel complete with brushed finish. The brushed finish is good in masking any scratches that result from normal everyday use. Another good thing about MR Direct is they offer same day shipping so that we, the excited customer will get our new sink in a short time. Good quality, low price, same day shipping…all good reason why we should get one from MR Direct. *wink*


Hi Mama Mia, hope your cough better.
If you have not tried or know this, go buy this Chinese herbal tea called 'Hor Yan Hor', made in Ipoh.
Really good for cough, feverish conditions, flu, or when you just feeling dow.
Take 2 hot cups, you'll feel a glow in your body.

Okay, I'm not a cook nor know about kitchens, will not say anything, ha ha.
You have a great weekend, Lee.

bestnya kitchen sink nih..mmg tgh cari untuk kitchen baru..good info thanks

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UncleLee ~ Its ok now. :) Thx for the info about Hor Yan Hor. i've never heard of it, i'll give it a try next time...hopefully, it is available in KK...:)

Kniedaz ~ ye, lawa kan? i pun geram nampak..:)

ClaudiaLawrence ~ hello,Claudia.Thank you. I'll visit the website you gave.Happy blogging to you too. :)