A cat on the car roof

Phew, what a relief! My worries were unfounded after all. *smile* Okay, here’s the story. Hubby was away in Pulau Tiga aka The Surviviors’ Island (It was in that island where the first Survivor was filmed) since Friday for his 3-days company trip. He left his car at home. As I opened the door yesterday morning, my heart did a somersault. There on hubby’s car roof, all curled up and obviously, sound asleep was one of my cat! He must have been sleeping there the whole night. The hood was full of dirty cat’s print and fine scratches.

I was so worried (or, rather paranoid) that hubby will get mad and strangle my cat. Er, strangle? Ah, that is most unlikely to happen. Maybe hubby would scare the hell of out the cat that it dares not to return home again? Maybe hubby would give it away? Neither thought were comforting. :( Kucing ku kena buang daerah? Aduii sedihnya…

I immediately checked the scratches. Please, please…no major damage, please, I silently prayed. I ran my fingernail on the scratches and I didn’t feel anything. Yes! A positive sign that the scratches were not deep! Phew…I sent the car to the car wash. Had it cleaned and the hood polished. Hoping that the scratches will be less visible.

After the wash and polish, thank goodness that the scratches weren’t so bad. And since the car is black in color, the only way you can see the scratches is when the sun hits it at the right angle or when you go up close to the car. Nonetheless, the scathes are well, annoying. When hubby came back last night, I told him about the scratches. As expected, he went straight to inspect the damage. “Nasib baik tida teruk. (Luckily, they were no so bad),” was his comment. :)

Anyhow, its time for us to buy covers for our cars…in case, my cats decided to hop on and sleep on them again. :)


gosh.. u must hear what my dog did.. she bit off the number plate of my tenant's new car.. now i got to compensate back for her... sigh..

That's why I HATE cats!!! So many strays in my area... Grrrrr.....

That's one reason why my hubby prefer not to have a black car. Heheheh..

Cover pun buli kuyak tu Mia kalau kucing mengganas. Hehehehe..

reanaclaire ~ i've just read about your dog..very naughty of him. :)

STP ~ since you hate them, i bet there's no cat in your house..no tikus ka,STP? :)

Just ~ harap2 tida la diorang mengganas..hehe..

iya kan... knapa ba kucing suka tidur atas kereta??

Nasib baik la kucing ko inda kana buang daerah... hehe. cuba ko kasi dia manicure, supaya kuku dia inda tajam dii atau kasi pakai dia stokin :D

at least not much damage done. I think your cat is safe...haha! But like you said, probably get the car cover to be on safe side.

sy rasa bagus ko kasi miau ko satu tempat yang best tidur...hehehe

btw,i'm back....hehehe...

mummyzuan @ mommiezeelife.blogspot.com

better get the car cover before your cat kena buang daerah..hehe

Nessa ~ ntah la tu, Nessa..heran juga sia..

nasib baik..hehe..Atukei, manicure & pakai stokin lagi tu..mati la kucing sia kena ejek oleh kucing2 lain di kampung...drop la his waterface..hihi..

Rose ~ yes, my cat is safe. must buy cover..hihi..

mommieZee ~ macam tu la nampaknya..boring suda dia tidur dlm kotak kali tu..

welcome back,Hil. :)

Kniedaz ~ ya, ya..itu suda semestinya.. :)

Kesian si kuching heheh

SJB ~ hehe..nyaris2 kena buang daerah... :)

napa ba kn..kucing suka sgt tidur atas kereta ni.. dorang ni kn.. isk3..

There's no cat at my apartment...itupun, scratch jugak my car..huhu

nc ~ ntah la..heran kan..pada hal keras bah tu badan kereta..hihi..

HoneyBUZZin ~ ala..kesiannya..

alala...samalah masalah kita ni..byk2 tempat...itu kucing suka pi tidur atas kereta kan? mgkin sbb panas mengkali bah kan...

itu scratch...jgn ckplah...bikin panassss....

InobongProper ~ ya, Phil mangkali la tu. Sejuk2 gia tu metal tu waktu mlm..siok mangkali mau tidur..

hehe..mmg bikin panass tu scratch..:)