Feeling a little bit unwell :(

I just came back from the clinic with 2 packs of medication for flu and cough. It’s been raining everyday the whole week. Yesterday, it rained from morning to late evening. Luckily its not heavy downpours or else, some places may be flooded. I had to iron my kid's clothes to dry them.

Hmm, I may have had some raindrops on my head yesterday afternoon that I end up with having this cold and cough. It was difficult to get a good sleep last night with this runny nose and nasty cough. My throat hurts every time I cough. I was also shivering under the blanket. According to the doctor, I do not have a fever. Boy, am I relief to hear that. Okay, that’s all for today. I am taking my meds and get catch a nap (the cough meds cause drowsiness). Have a nice day, peeps!


poor u. get lot of rest.

Oh dear! Have to stay healthy when having little kids in the house - they always fall sick too. But then again...that's how they build up their antibodies and become stronger. Get well soon!

memang musim bah sekarang ni mia, Get well soon okay..:D

Same goes to me & husband here :(

But we're recovering, thank God.. Bisuk mau kerja sudah..

Get well soon Mama Mia~!

Me too me too .... you do take care ya :) Get well soon :)

Get well soon. Jgn lupa claim ko pya bill klinik hehehe ;)

kasihan nya.... I knw how it feels.. I am almost recover now.. sampai tekencing bah batuk recently.. T_T

CathJ, good to know that you're recovering.Bila the throat starts to go itchy, trus nda bulih tahan bah..batuk memanjang..cilaka betul..

i hope you are feeling better now.. hugsy! :)