Lets take a stroll

I was helping Mom to find the pruning saw in the store room yesterday. Vanessa wanted to help too, so I let her. Before long, she went excited, “Mommy! Mommy! What is that?” while pointing at her old strollers which are leaning against the wall. They have been there for quite sometime, collecting dust. *smile* One of them was bought by us and the other was a gift from my then boss and colleague.

Speaking of strollers, I know of this great place you can buy one, Stroller.com. Stroller.com offers full line of baby strollers of various brands and types, single, double and triple strollers, jogging strollers as well as the increasingly popular, all terrain strollers. The latter type of stroller is known for being highly durable with a suspension system and air-filled tires to handle your off-road adventure while also giving your child a smooth ride. However, they are usually heavier and more bulky than classic jogging strollers. Even if it is folded, it may still not be as compact as the classic jogging strollers.

*smile* Should you be lost in all the options, take a stroll through their Stroller Information. You’ll find free info on brands, stroller reviews and buying guides. Another point to visit Stroller.com.

Thinking of adding some accessories to your stroller? Good idea but make sure they fit well. Some stroller accessories are great but may not fit perfectly. So it is wise to go for the Universal Stroller Accessories. They consist of, well, everything, from protective covers for rain, sun and bugs, to stroller seat liners, strap covers, baby head support and changing kits. Equipped your stroller with the right accessory, then both you and your little one are ready for most weather event! Yeay!


I don't think we need more stroller (^_^). Anyway, good info.

You could keep the stroller in the vault or sell it XD kekekeke

my stroller pun collecting dust sudah ni.. :D

SJB ~ hehe...am just sharing this info bah.

maslight ~ i'm keeping the strollers for my next baby..recycle bah..hihi..

EvelynLaiyap ~ hehe...

i think my boys' stroller was hidden somewhere in my MIL's house..but where? huhuhu
will be looking for it when need it..haha
anyway, good info n thanks for sharing

You are most welcome,Kniedaz! :)