Everything okay except…

…for this stubborn cough! *roll eyes* Hopefully, it will be gone completely by tomorrow. This cough is really annoying. How can it not be? I was engaged in a conversation then suddenly my throat goes uncontrollably itchy. I had to excuse myself and ask to continue the conversation later. *blush* Embarrassing. Dalam banyak-banyak masa , time tu juga la bah dia mau tunjuk taring..cilaka punya batuk!

I skipped the cough meds because it make me feel drowsy. If I’m at home then I don’t mind but not here in the office…hehe.. Well, I found this interesting cough remedy. Guaranty no light-headed and drowsiness effect! The answer is – dark chocolate. Theobromine, a component of chocolate, has been demonstrated to relieve coughing by a group of British Researchers. An ounce or two of dark chocolate is okay but not too much because chocolate is high on sugar contents.

Okay, I'm going to give it a try. Now, lets see if it is effective. Nyam..nyam..nyamm...feeling better already. *smile*

* P/s : You can read more about chocolate as cough remedy here. :)


Did it work? ;-) I hope soon you will feel much better...cough-cough go away!

Ya ka Mia?? Kastau la keberkesanan dia aa.. Sia pun benci butul kalau time2 beckp tebatuk2 yg gatal ni. Hishhh.. Ba, harap2 ilang la tu batuk.

Btul kah ni?, will try too (^_*).

mama mia makan satu bungkus coklat ke sikit saja? hehehe...

Carolyn,Just & SJB ~ well,it did stopped the cough for a good 2-3 hours..but, i can't really say its the result of dark chocolate bcos i was taking warm water at the same time. :)

Kniedaz ~ saya makan 1 bar kecil..hihi..tak bleh la makan lebih2.. :)