It's urgent! You must find them!!

Last weeks, one of our account officer at HQ e-mailed a long list of reference numbers to every branch’s admin staff, together with a cute little note asking us to find ALL of them and send back to them IMMEDIATELY because they need those supporting documents for billing purpose. “Good, finally, they are going to pay our vendors/agents on time. No need for us to find excuses for the delay in payment”, I thought.

But, when I look through the list…I was stunned. My head started to throb short after. Most of the supporting documents they requested are old documents, dated back in 2006! And it is now 2010. Can you believe it? It took them 3 years to realize that they can’t bill the customer without the complete document! Really smart!

Being a good employee, I looked into each of the old files available. I only found a few of the documents they requested. I’d even ask our appointed agents in Tawau, Sandakan and Labuan to send to us if there is any document with them. To cut the story short, I’d sent what I found to the person-in-charge, complete with a message, “I’ve checked ALL our files here and also with our agents, and these are ALL I got. There is NO COPY OR RECORD of the others.” Two days later, I received an e-mail reply, “Please find the others. This is urgent! We MUST have the other documents ASAP” Yeah, right. “Should you need any assistance, please let us know. We will send somebody to help. ” Aiyo…which part of “There is NO COPY OR RECORD of the others” that you don’t understand?! LOL…want to send somebody to help some more....hahaha… Unbelievable! How to find if there is nothing to find??! *slap forehead*

“Dearest person-in-charge, it is good that you offer assistance but the thing is, there is NO RECORD to be found. If that will make you feel better, go ahead; send us your search team ASAP. You can even send the whole department. We sure can use some extra hands in tidying up our store room.” Oh yes, I really feel like replying with these sarcastic lines. But I didn’t. I don’t want to create more fuss…heheNanti kena cop berlagak, mau tunjuk pandai …So what I did was replied them politely, that even with the extra help, the chances of finding those missing documents are as good as zero. If they want to send somebody, then it’s up to them.

Honestly, I did my best to help. I’d even call-up an ex-colleague (the longest serving staff in KK) who’d left the company 6 months ago, to find out if there was a file on the 2006 documents. (All the us left here had only join the company in 2008.) I didn’t blame him when he said he doesn’t remember. :) “Kenapa sekarang baru sibuk-sibuk diorang mencari? Kenapa bukan dari dulu lagi? Kalau diorang suruh cari awal-awal, maybe bulih dapat lagi.” Yes, exactly. Well, what can I say, they are too busy to look into it that the neglected until now? *roll eyes*

Lack of manpower to check those documents? Most unlikely. Our head office has a large number of staff in the Account Dept but it is so obvious that they (not all of them though) did not do their job properly. I mean, if they did, they should have found out the lack of document on the spot, right? Why wait 3 years later to look for them? *sigh* If only they had done their job at the first place, we won’t face this situation.

Todate, we (branch staff) still get desperate call from the Acc. Dept urging us to send the other out-standing doc by the end of this month. But like I said, I’ve done my best. I don’t know where else to find those missing document. If they are not satisfied with my effort, they can complain to the top level. I don’t care!


sometimes real stressful in the office, right? i just got mine today.. my superior asked me to take minutes of the meeting which i most detest cos it has to be written in malay and being a chinese, i have to struggle with the wordings.. and to be there to listen to those officers from all over perak, i really got worked up doing the minutes.sigh.. tomorrow a long day for me to prepare the long minutes!!

Sia paling geram kalau deal with urang2 yang inda pandai paham bahasa. Diorang yang inda buat keja betul2, kita pula yang kana kasi betul. I like the last sentence... I don't care! Hehe

And one thing I can't understand is - though everything's computerised these days, most of the time, it doesn't seem to be more efficient - if not worse.

In the schools, the students and the teachers' records - can't just update any new info or detail, have to fill in the forms all over again - no updates, also have to fill! Year in, year out - and I thought we're moving towards a paperless society!

(P.S. And even though fill in every year, dunno the details, can't remember - have to search for files high and low! Got! Got photocopy...but can't remember put where! Hahahahaha!!!!)

Some people have this kind of attitude, when they are in need of something and very urgent..they pass the matter/problem to someone to solve for them. Mama Mia...kasih biar dorang cari sampai puas hati..eventhough you've explained the docs are nowhere to be found hehehe...(ever happened here in my office bah..that's why I so..know how it feels) ;-)

I understand your situation. Same happen here. They asking for something not exist at all..looks like they want us to 'create and make it exist'!!..hehee

Agreed with Situapui. Bkn makin paperless, makin bertambah2 pulak tu paper & file. System not good enuff or ppl not good enuff with the system?? *sigh*

reanaclaire~ yes,Claire.Real stressful. aiyo..i can imagine your predicament Claire..but i know you'll work it out..

Nessa ~ itu la..apa mcm la mau cari kalu mmg tu benda nda wujud..sot.hehe..sia ready suda bah mau menjawab kalu kena komplen.. :)

STP ~ so much for paperless society,right? copy but don't remember where it was kept..this one lagi teruk...hahahah....

Carolyn ~ *sigh* susah mau keja sama org mcm ni..yes, Carolyn, that is exactly what i'm going to do..kasi biar saja..

CAB ~ yes, i agree with you. they want us to do magic, create something that is non-existent..:)

Just ~ most likely, it is the latter...hehe..

hate it when somethimg like that happens...they just dont care how we do it..they just want the right outcome..nak wat camna...diorang bos, kita kuli je..huhu

Aiyaaa.......(slap forehead)Headache!