21 guns

It was a hectic day in the office yesterday. A colleague’s mistake had led one customer to lodge a complaint to the top ppl. Not long after that…. drama unfold…a lot of blaming happen, denial here and there. *sigh* Better not talk about it and spoil my mood today. :) Hopefully, all of us in the office learned something from the incident and won’t repeat the same stupid mistake.

Today is a new day. So, here I am listening to this new hit, 21 Guns from Green Day while doing my work. In the meantime, sempat juga post this entry..hahaha. I love this song. Its from their latest album 21st Century Breakdown. I’m not really a fan of the band but more of a fan of their songs. Not all but some. Songs that are not too loud for eardrum. Confuse? Never mind, just layan this song la. :)


Hmm.. gitu la tu Mia. Bila ada prob ja, semua tuduh menuduh nda mau mengaku salah. Hrp pisang nda berbuah 2x.

I'm a fan of Green Day's songs too. Thanks for song sharing. Mau download la ni. Hahaha..

Biasa lah tu, Mia...masing-masing mau cover diri sendiri bila ada complaint customer...same situation at my work place...munyit!

Green Day...hmmm, if not because of my brother, sia tidak kenal nie Green Day...and yes, this song memang cool!

I kena once before.. but I didn't know that.. somehow.. it'll cause some big havoc bah.. sia bising jg la sama boss.. sia ckp we should be properly informed so that it'll not cause such incident again.. cause I'm just following the instructions given.. ishhh.. btw.. love the song.. am fan of Greed Day's song