3-Day Super Sale is on!

A week ago, a friend and I were talking about traveling out of Malaysia for the first time. Yup, we have never travel oversea before. And well, well, well, what do you know? Today, I got this news that Accorhotels.com is having a promotion.

Now, this is definitely an amazing promotion that any avid traveler should not miss out. Accor Hotels 3-Day Super Sale Asia Pacific promotions runs from 27 October to 30 October. The bookings are valid for stays between December 2009 to April 2010. How nice of you, Accor to coincide this Super Sale with the low-air fares across Asia Pacific promotion. :)

There are one million hotel rooms available for online booking at rates as low as US$30 per night. These rooms are available in Thailand, Korea, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Fiji, Indonesia, Taiwan, India and Bali. But please note that different rates apply for Accor’s various brands, namely: Sofitel, Pullman, Grand Mercure, Novotel, Mercure, All Seasons and Ibis Hotels.

Psst..my friend, how about we make that trip to Bandung come true? Let's 'officiate' our passport for the first time next year? We’ll go shopping and stay at Novotel Bandung. *smile*



hi mama mia.. i went thru the website.. the rates are reasonable enough...

Hi Mama Mia, wayyyyy to go! Have fun....go shopping.
Relax and get your batteries recharged....and don't forget the credit cards.
Best regards, Lee.

Woohoo, you also got this opp :D

reanaclaire ~ yes,Claire..it is.

Uncle Lee ~ :D Relax & recharge..i like that. Thank you for the credit cards reminder ya.

Nick Phillips ~ yes, Nick! :D

ikuttttt pi bandung...hehehehe

InobongProper ~ bulih bah, kami skrg sdg cari 'kaki'..bulum cukup korum bah :D

Ba Mia.. ngam la ko kasi post d blog pasal mo cari korum ni. Hahahaha.. hrp jd tu trip.. :D

what website? sound very interesting..

I loves travelling. Take the most lightest and simplest clothings with you and a pair of comfy foot wear. Have fun!

*sigh*i have to wait for another couple of years before i can travel..aiya,bila sa mau hbis study nie..huhu

Just ~ hehe..harap2 ada yg mau join :D

CAB ~ ko click saja tu 'Accor Hotels 3-Day Super Sale Asia Pacific'..it will lead you the website. Cepat2 kama Alv, sebelum abis promosi.. :D

HoneyBuzz ~ yup, pack light..bcos nanti balik tu misti pandai bertambah tu luggage...LOL.

Carmelliny ~ be patient my friend, ada lagi bah promosi tu nanti. Kasi abis dulu study then baru la siok mau enjoy...:)

mahal tu Accor tu... tp dapat juga sa tinggal di courtyard for free... lol... klu mo bayar, RM300 above bah bosss paling murah... bgs lagi sa tinggal di backpackers hostel n spend my money where I think its worth it... that's what I normally do lah... spend less for the hotel.. unless of coz mo p honeymoon lah... lol

ManD ~ hehe..wpun suda discount pun masih mahal lagi. I agree with you my friend...:)