No water...

That’s what we are experiencing in my kampung now. The water supply was stopped on purpose because of a burst in one of the main pipe near the roadside.

This is the second incident since last Sunday. First, the burst was at a different section, now another section pulak. The whole kampung will end up with no tap water for at least 12 hours. Hopefully, everybody are better prepared this time, unlike the first incident, where we were caught off-guard and did not manage to save any water. The big pail of water we saved for emergency consumption almost insufficient. Nasib baiklah we have the two drums full of rain water. Normally, mom use it to water her plants, tapi time-time darurat, guna saja la especially in the toilet department..hehehe

The first section.
The second section.

You see, not everybody in my kampung has a water storage tank ready, so when an unexpected incident like this happen, you can imagine betapa sengsaranya tiada air paip. Definitely have to invest on one the soonest possible. Mana la tau, another different section may burst again in the near future. Al maklum sajalah paip-paip kerajaan ni kebanyakkannya suda tua dan berkarat. IF there is any plan to replace it, I am not aware of it. :)

Hmm, I just hope that the aunty whose house is located on a hilltop has managed to save some water. Just 2 days ago, she was complaining that after the burst was repaired, the water pressure is not strong enough to go up there. She and her family have to fetch a few gallons of water from the nearby river. Well, it’s a big river, plenty of water for everyone but the water quality? Not fit. Even for bathing purpose. In a hot day afternoon, a herd of kerbaus can be found soaking in it. And God knows what else are there beneath the murky water. Some ppl claim to have seen crocodile in that river and even caught baby crocodile in their fish trap. Yikes!


Hate the time when there's no water supply 'coz it makes us not comfortable. I rather no electricity than no water supply!

alalaa... kesian kamu :(

tringat sia zaman2 sia tinggal di kampung (saana penampang juga ba) taim water cuts... maybe ada lebih 10 years suda. bangun pukul 6pagi, bawa baju, towel, sabun, shampoo pi kerja... tau2 seja la apa mo dibuat, nasib abik di opis ada bilik mandi complete with loads of water :D

tapi taim balik rumah tepaksa make do with one botol of water to mandi... sengsaranya!!

Naa.. terpksa jg kamu invest tank ni mia. Yayy.. air sungai nda bersih tu.. apa lg kalau ada karabau p lepak sana. Hahahah..

No water is really such a headache but I do hope that it's just 1 or 2 days and not always. Maybe next time need to prepare a tangki or something just for time like these ..... luckily your mom got save some rain water just for other purposes :)

Oh no...

I hope the crocs wont create any chaos in the village. So scary ya !

I hate when this happens unexpectedly. The same happened a few times here too and not having water almost the entire day was hell especially when you're so used to turning on the tap and seeing water flow from it.

I prefer no electricity than water...

Dora ~ me too. No electricity is better than no water!

Nessa ~ hehe..nasib baik ofis out of affected area kan. Dakat suda sia mau bawa the whole family pigi tumpang mandi di ruma saudara mara di kampung lain. Nasib baik la datang juga air wpun malam suda. :)

Just ~ nampaknya begitu la,Just. Penting bah tu tank time2 like this. 20yrs ago masih ramai urg pigi mandi sana time teda air, tp skrg jarang2 suda...kutur bah.

MommyAngel ~ hopefully so. Need to buy a tangki for emergency use. :)

NickPhillips ~ better no electric than no water kan.Nick? :D

susah oo teda air....
memang sengsara tu.....bah! pelan pelan arr Mama Mia...

Just 2 days ago, the electricity was giving some problem, on and off no current during the night.. after a short prayer, there was light again.. it reminded me of God.. "Let there be light!" so next time when yr area no water, just say a short prayer and "let there be water"... :)

Hello,I am a new follower.Cute blog.I am Jennette stop by anytime.

No water supply is really a torture. No electricity also susah..haha. Yes you should get a spare tank.

UmmiRosma ~ so far, no chaos. Hopefully, there won't be any. Few attempts were made to trap the croc but in vain.

CAB ~ same here, Alv.

HoneyBUZZ ~ memang susah..

reanaclaire ~ i'll remember that..:)

Jennette ~ Hi,Jennette. Thank you. Will visit you. :)

Mummy Gwen ~ :) Lucky that it didn't happen at a same time.If no electric and no water, it'll be hell.

Sia bulih imagine kesusahan kamu tu, Mia...tambah lagi ada anak kecil...aduhhh!

Hey, my blog wajah baru...datang lah melawat...nda paya mandi dulu..datang ja melawat sana..LOL!

Astaga, sama la cni Kingfisher.. dorg tukar paip but sya rasa dorg nda brani potong tu air, coz ramai org2 kaya cni ni, kalu ada apa2 ja kerosakan ka apa, gerenti nda pandai diam tu org2 kaya.. faham2 ja la.. :) hihi.. pun paling tia suka kalu tiada air. tiada karan ok lagi, tp kalau tiada air...sengsaranya....

Wyne@Ren ~ blog wajah baru? rajinnya kau,mouren. Melawat? itu suda semestinya...:D

Nadia ~ kalu ada kerja2 penukaran paip/pembersihan loji misti ada notification bah few days before. at least, sempat juga semua urg kumpul air. wah, kalu urang2 kaya yg bising diorang takut ah...ceh..

chegu carol ~ butul tu chegu.