Blogger's block / dog bite

Been trying to write this post since the weekend but I only managed to get as far as three sentences then that’s it…don’t know how to continue. Got hit by the blogger’s block. Er, does such term exist? Writer’s block is familiar but blogger’s block??? Oh well, never mind. Hopefully, the block is only temporary. Okay, I better explain before you get the wrong idea :) . My ‘blogger’s block’ has nothing to do with me being bitten by a dog.

Okay, last Friday, as I was getting ready to go home, I got a call from my maid. In a panic-stricken voice, she told me that the neighbour’s dog bit Vanessa. When I heard the news, I think I stopped breathing for a moment there. After I found my breath again, I asked her to calm down and explain what really happened. In a calmer but still nervous voice, “Kami pigi rumah sebelah. Dia tendang anjing yang sedang baring. Terus anjing gigit [We went to the neighbour’s house. She kicked the neighbour’s dog and was bitten],” she stammered. "
Luka sikit saja, tidak berdarah, Vanessa tidak nangis [Small wound only, no bleeding, Vanessa didn’t uttered a cry],” she continued. Phew! I was relief to hear that.
When I reached home, I saw Vanessa was running cheerfully in the lawn like usual. Thank God, it was only a minor scratch. Obviously it didn’t hurt, as she did not complained about it. However, maid was scared and repeatedly apologizes for her carelessness. She was so anxious that the incident might lead her to jail. Her voice sounded like she was ready to break into tears anytime. It was pointless to go fuming at her because it won’t change anything. After explaining how dangerous it is to disturbed a napping dog, it was lucky that it wasn’t a real bite. I gave her a stern warning that she should not be careless in the future.

Although it was only a scratch, I was worried about infections. Besides, I doubted that the dog has ever gotten any immunization shots. So, hubby and I took Vanessa to see the doctor, just to make sure. First, we went to my company’s panel clinic, Klinik P. I was told that there’s nothing to worry about. Vanessa was given only paracetamol syrup, in case she gets fever. “What about antibiotic, Doc?” “It’s not necessary, there’s no sign of any infection on the wound. It’ll heal in its own within 2-3 days,” Dr. G dismissed my thought. Somehow, the 5 minutes consultation was not really convincing. Hubby decided to go to another clinic nearby.

We were already outside when Vanessa started to whine and cry. She was pointing towards the clinic. Hubby and I had no idea what she wanted. So, hubby took Vanessa back into the clinic. Pointing at the baby scale, she said “cho-cho, cho-cho…” *Slap forehead* Rupa-rupanya, she wanted to sit on the scale. When she was seated, she didn’t just sit…she lied down as well, ala-ala baby gitu….hahahaha. Everybody in the clinic laughed at her antic. After a few seconds, she was satisfied and ready to go off. :)

We went through the whole who, what, when, where and how process all over again at Klinik H. Dr K asked a brief description about the dog, its health, immunization status etc. After he examined the scratch, we were told that we have nothing to worry about. He prescribed another bottle of paracetamol syrup and antibiotic to prevent infection, just in case. Dr K was more convincing; at least he showed his concern by asking about the dog unlike the first doctor.

Now after 6 days, the scratch has healed. Only a faint scar was left of the scratch.


hi mama mia.. perhaps yr girlie got scratched not bitten, like me.. as i posted earlier, my dog scratched me out of overly excitedness cos i was going to get her some biscuits and she was jumping up and down... i was wearing shorts and her paws scratched my leg behind.. 6 inches long..hahah... i didnt ssee doc.. just applied some yellow solution and cream for a day..and that's it.. now the mark is there.. yucks..

Aduiii... nasib baik nda kena gigit ba. Kalau kana gigit tu, ntah apa sdh sia buat sama tu kakak. Hehehhe...

Deiii.. sampat lg c van2 ba.. hehehe...

uishh, panic juga oh kalau ada ni mcm. it was only right lah u guys brought her to clinic and had her checked properly. kids kan, durang ingat tu pets mcm jinak saja...ehehe

Luckily it's a minor scratch. I think kids should not get too close to dogs. Hope Vanessa recover soon.

alalalaa.. bikin tekezut sya oo.. teringat sya dlu2 masa kecik2 slalu kena bubut anjing and ada juga kena gigit.. sampai skg ni sya fobia juga tgk anjing liar.. actuali sya masi takut2 lagi sm anjing ni, but kris pya puppy smua kuai2 so i'm kinda like dogs juga la.. :)

nasib scratched jak...heheh..oya mia,since ko ada maid,brapa gia ko bayar per month? sy macam mo cari maid juga ni,sebab mo tolong tolong mummy sy di rumah..sian dia jaga baby sy lagi...kerja rumah lagi..

Mama Mia - Sia pernah kana dog bite 2 kali...hihihihih! How I got the bite?...sia ni pet lover...nahh..pandai2 kunun pi sayang anjing orang yg dtg pi rumah sia..sekali 'ngap'!

Pun, sia tidak jugak takut2 sampai sekarang. Doktor yg bagi treatment sama sia tu heran tgk sia...sampai 2 kali kana jarum pun masi senyum2. Heheheheheh... (kali kan kuat bah antibodi sia ni..talampau jumpa ubat ari2 di hospital...:p)

She learned a lesson for not disturbing a dog then. Luckily just a scratch, if not it will gonna be a painful experience for her.

Nah, cian kana gigit anjing...nakal juga si vanessa ni...ehehhehe

reanaclaire ~ yes, lucky she was only scratched and not bitten. I was really worried when maid told me that Vanessa was bitten..hope your scratch mark will fade away..:)

Just ~ ya, nasib baik Just. Kesian juga sia tingu tu kakak, dia blg 1 mlm dia tida dpt tidur psl ni..

Sempat lg si Van2 minta puji mo naik tu scale... hehe..bikin gerigitan..

Chegu Craol ~ itu la bah, bikin susah hati juga klu kids yg telampau animal friendly ni..:)

Mummy Gwen ~ exactly...even our own pets, we'll never know kan? mana tau they in a bad mood, suddenly they bite when we get near them..

Nadia ~ misti ko jajal ni kan Nad? sampai selalu kana bubut & gigit anjing..hihi..sia bulum pernah kana gigit (palis2) tp slalu berjaga2 juga klu ada anjing liar berdekatan..

MummyZuan ~ ya bah hilda. Sia byr rm300, kira murah suda tu, ada yg demand rm350/400 bah. skrg mcm ada susah sikit cari maid oh, harap2 ko jumpa jg la...:)

MOB ~ atukeii..2x kana 'ngap' tp masi tida jarah2 ko Mouren? wah, butul2 tahan tukul ko ni..ada kemungkinan juga teori ko psl antibodi ko tu...hehe..

memeljoan ~ iya bah Mel, galangas bah dia tu.suda kana scratch pn,
masi juga dia mo p mansau sana ruma dia x lg p dekat tu anjing la :)

Little Inbox ~ i sure hope so that she'd learned her lesson. so far, she kept her distance from the neighbour's dog...

aduhhh!! nasib baik teda apa2..takut juga kan sebab anjing bah tu! manatau ada germs..ish! ish!

Oh bah mia..ada tag for you to do in my blog..come..come! Dapat mengisi masa lapang tu..hahahah

Doi, kesian gia kana gigit anjing. nasib baik inda dalam luka dia.

Ya, I would have done the same too. Sia paling malas la kalau dokter check sambil lewa seja.

Kiutnya Vanessa mo minta timbang... haha

KaDusMama ~ ya bah, Ty..pny sia takajut bila dgr tu perkataan 'gigit'..nasib baik bkn kana gigit butul2.

Tag? Adeii sia masi ada hutang tag sama si Nessa ni... :)

Nessa ~ ya la Nessa, nasib baik.

Ntah la tu Dr tu, mangklai shift dia mo end suda bah, tu la psl dia sambil lewa sj..

ee..sempat lagi bah si Van-van minta puji minta timbang :)

Alamak cian juga si Ven-ven.. Nasib baik inda dalam tu anjing gigit.. Kalau dalam, suda p complain sama tu neighbour.. Ngam la kamu p second Doctor just to make sure kan..

Dulu pn sa pernah kena gigit anjing, masa form 2.. Sia lalu ja trus tu anjing gigit kaki sia dari belakang.. Adei ingatkan teda apa-apa, tau2 bila balik petang dari sekolah sudah kebas kaki tia buli bent lagi.. Daddy bawa p klinik, kana kasi ketawa lagi tu doctor.. Cilakak..

ya bah Sab.Sia rasa tidak jg la bulih kasi salah tu anjing & tuannya bcos Van-van sendiri yg p sepak tu anjing. But i think tu maid bah yg careless..tida jaga van-van butul2...

Deii..kesiannya ko Sab. Adakah patut tu doctor kasi ketawa ko? Anjing pny gigitan serius bah..mana bulih main2..Memang silaka butul tu doctor.. :)