The First Lady’s choice

Since her inauguration in January, fashion critics has had their eyes fixed on the America’s First Lady, Michelle Obama’s choice of ensemble. I am no fashion expert, but I do find her fashion sense interesting, especially in her choice of colours. Her choice is not limited to just plain black and other earthy colours but also to vibrant colours like red, yellow, and purple and printed apparel. Definitely not a boring sight to look at. *smile*

It is no surprise that in no time, she has earned herself a place among the Hollywood celebrities as a fashion trend setter. Everybody wants what she’s wearing. Thus, after she reveals that she’s wearing J.Crew in the Tonight Show, everybody goes on a shopping frenzy at their stores. The J.Crew people must have been laughing all their way to the bank! :)

And how could anyone forget that photo - the First Lady wearing a pair of shorts in public! An extremely rare sight, which caused millions raising their eye-brows. :) But, personally, I don’t think that’s the only reason behind their reaction. The other reason must be that striking Ultra-Violet Neon Plasteramic toy watch she’s sporting on her left wrist. It is simply too hard to be missed! :) Now that the watch has been made famous by the First Lady, Toy Watch is going to make it big this fall and Christmas, according to NBC. Psst! Anybody want to give me a toywatch as a Chritsmas gift this year? *grin*

Okay, if you are a follower of Michelle Obama’s fashion, you would not want to miss a chance to get her look. Go check out AOL Beauty & Style , pronto!


oh, i didnt keep track of obama's wife.. thanks for sharing this info.. amazing that people in US keeps track of what she wears and following her as well..

you're welcome,Claire. Ya lor, it is amazing indeed.. :)