Vanessa’s 2nd birthday

Vanessa’s 2nd birthday falls on 05 Oct, but we celebrated it a day earlier. It was a cozy and merry event attended by close relatives and neighbours. As we are a small household, we do not have enough manpower to do all the cooking. We catered the main dishes from Kedai Makan & Minum Ching Fah. Mom’s cooked her sup soko (bamboo shoots soup) and hubby did the vegetable.

:) An aunty officiating the makan-makan session after the food blessing. The dishes (L –R): White rice; Deep Fried Chicken with Sesame Seeds; Sweet & Sour Fish ; Japanese Toufu with Salted Beans; Pork Chop in Stout Sauce & Baby Kalian vege. (In the pot) Sup Soko; Watermelon and Chilled Orange syrup drinks.

So what did I do? Hehe…I baked the birthday girl 2 cakes. Just the simple Vanilla Butter Cake and Pandan Butter Cake. Instead of buying one from the bakery, I was determined to bake them and decorate them as well. Begitu la semangatnya si Mama Mia…..hahaha…. I baked the cakes the night before and made the buttercream icing the next morning. In the process of doing all this, hubby had to bring Vanessa jalan-jalan di kedai. Otherwise, it there’s no way I can manage. LOL.

The cakes turn out a-ok. But in the end, it was hubby who got really excited to do the frosting and decorating. So, let him be. I did get to test my skill though. As you can see, we both need a lot of practice. LOL.

I had the kids gathered around to sing the Happy Birthday song. As she's too young to sing, Vanessa just clapped her hands. But when it was time to blew-out the candles, she chickened out pulak. Eventually, the other kids were more than happy to help her..hehe..

The verdict on the cakes? Finger lickin' good! (Or maybe I was a bit exaggerating there…hehe..) Anyway, both cakes were wiped-clean by the guests…no left over for tomorrow. :)

The event ended at about 6pm. And we all retreated to bed as early as 9pm. No humming any nursery rhymes that night cos the birthday girl fell asleep as soon as she hit the pillow. :)


Lucky Vanessa, her mum baked 2 special bday cake for her!! Bravo mum! (^_^)

Happy Birthday and many happy returns to your girl, Venessa!!

Nothing is more precious than her.. and your love to the extend of baking your own cakes prove it all.. baking it with love and passion, yeh..

happy belated dear vanessa!!

sorry yer lambat wish huhu

MOB ~ wakakaka...bukan main ko memuji ar,Mouren.. :D

reanaclaire ~ Thanks,Claire. :D

Nurhayati ~ better late than never :D. Thx for the wish..

Happy belated Bubday to Vanessa. Doi gia, kepanatan sampai modop terus dia aa.. hehehe..

Baru kali ni ko kasi nmpk hasil kek ko tu aa.. buli thn jg ko sampai buat 2 biji aa Mia. Heheheh..

Psstt.. nnt kalau sia attend bubday c Van2, ko jgn pulak p cater dr c Ching Fah aa.. ada pork tu. Haahahhaah...

Tq, Aunty Just. Hehe..mmg penat la dia tu ari..puas main sama budak2 lain.

Hehe..sinang ja bah bikin itu kek, part decoration tu mmg fail la. Nda steady bah tu tangan...LOL.

Bulih bah kalu kau..takkan la tiap2 tahun CF saja kan.. :D

Wah! She's two now! Belated birthday greetings from me and may God bless her and hope she'll have a wonderful year ahead.

SO MUCH FOOD!!!! How many did you invite? The whole of Sabah kah? Must make sure I visit KK this time next year! Hahahahahaha!!!!

Tq, Uncle STP for the wish! :) I invited about 20-30.

The food some leftover la. but better than tida cukup :)

Happy Belated Birthday to Vanessa. I wish her well..wish her grown into a beautiful loving person.
3 Cheers!

Happy birthday to your little girl :D

And the cake looked yummy too :D

Happy Birthday To Vanessa! Wow..your cakes look delicious. Well done. :) BTW, that's alot of food. *drooling*

Happy Belated Birthday to Venessa!! ciutnya dia.. dikerumumi kawan2 yg tinggi2 belaka bah..

Lucky girl.. mummy baked 2 cake lagi tu!! psst nnt sia pun mau bulih kah? :D

Happy birthday to vanessa!.Tiada di KK tu kek he he he

HoneyBUZZin ~ Tq,Aunty Honey. :)

NickPhillips~ Thx,Nick.

MummyGwen ~ Tq,Mummy Gwen.

Evelyn ~ Tq,budak2 lain semua besar suda. Ada yg sebaya tapi malu/takut mau join nyanyi.

Bulih bah kalau kau.. :D

DLSuminie ~ Tq. ya butul tu, teda jual di kadai tu kek... :)

happy birtday to Vanessa.

Nice bday cake from Mama Mia yah

yay happy belated bday.. :) punya best kena baked itu kek :) btuahnya vanessa kan.. nanti sya pun mo la gitu kalu ada anak nnaaannti :)

Happy Belated Birthday to Vanessa! Wow you are so dedicated & hardworking to bake 2 cakes for your girl. And your hubby also good in helping out the decorations!

Hepi belated birthday Vanessa!! Sori ah aunty teda prezen mo bagi.

Wah, sedap2 tu makanan... pork chop in stout sos? Ada rasa stout ka tu daging? I don think I've tried dis dish before.

Bestnya buat birthday kek sendiri.. decorate pun sendiri lagi tu. Tahniah! Buli buka bakeri la ni inda lama lagi kan.. hehe

Nadia ~ Tq, Aunty Nadia. cepat2 la kawin supaya ada anak..hehe..

Dora ~ Tq, Aunty Dora. :)

SJB ~ Tq :D

Nessa ~ Tq, Aunty Nessa. Wish pun cukup suda bah. :)

Ada la juga rasa & bau stout sikit. Actually, sia pun nda berapa minat tu dish. My hubby yg mau try.

Buka bakery? Hahahaa...jauuhh lagi perjalanan ke arah itu, Nessa.Masi lagi budak baru belajar bah ni.

Happy Belated B'day, Vanessa, sweetie! :)

Mia, sedap tu di Ching Fah kan, dulu sya punya wedding pun diorang yang catered. Ko punya kekz tu sadap mata memandang ohhh, misti rasa dia pun sadap hehe...

Wahhhhhhhhh.... mcm org Happy belated bday to sweetheart... ^_^

CMG ~ sama la kita, sia pun cater dr CF juga time kawin..hehe..

sedap mata memandang? hehe..main belasah saja bah tu deco..

CathJ ~ hehe..tq. ;D

Happy Belated birthday to your lovely Princess Vanessa!
The cakes looks lovely juga..finger lickin good and no leftover bermaksud sedap tu..hehe
One of my new resolution for next year to learn baking cakes/muffins ;-) see how it goes

hahaha...sedaplah mangkali tu, Carol. bah, hopefully we'll get to read & see your homemade cakes/muffins next year. :D