Show your love to your family

When we are still around, we can show our love in thousand ways. But, how about when we move to the other side? I’m sure that every one of us has had this thought. :)

There are a few types of life insurance. The most basic is called term insurance . It is a low-cost insurance that only pays benefits if the insured dies during specified period of time. Well, most probably, we can’t enjoy it in our lifetime but at least, we can take care of our family’s financial well-being after we’re gone.

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hello Mamamia...wishing u a good nice weekend..!!

hi Claire, happy weekend to you too.

hi mama mia,

yes..Insurance is like our adopted child. it can help us when we retired and also can help our family when we not around anymore..

Hi Mama Mia, Good posting. We have to ensure the family is well taken care off should as and when our heart goes on strike.
Wishing the best of health, Lee.

Nora ~ Insurance is like forced saving but it's a good thing. Kalau harap kita mau save duit sendiri, susah bah kan..:D

Uncle Lee ~ wishing you the same thing too, best of health i mean. :D

Emm.. so far I only have one insurance. I think I better survey more..hehhee

Olla Mama Mia,

dropping by to say "Hi"

Hop Hop hippity hop from Nessa-Mumblings. :)

Yes, Insurance will assure that our love ones will get thru during those initial hard stages.

Savings insurance is another way though it will not be as good as a pure lont-term saving but, at least, one will get both benefit :)

Happy blogging ya MamaMia (now, you reminds me of ABBA) :)

Ya...forced savings! Must buy! Especially those with children - get an education policy as who knows what the future holds. When the time comes, you may need the money badly... If you don't e.g. if your child secures a scholarship, then you will have a lot of money in your hands to enjoy your "golden" years...

CAB ~ having one is better than none at all, Alv. :D

rizal ~ hi Rizal, tq for hopping by. Pure long-term saving is the best. :D

I've taken education insurance for my children & life for us...yalah for rainy days..we never know kan..

STP ~ yes,exactly. I've got my daughter an education plan since she was 1yr old.May not be enough to pay off her college,but can help a bit la..

Jppmom ~ yes, we better save for rainy days..