An optical illusion? NOT.

Being a bespectacled mom to a toddler is never an easy task. My old pair of glasses was battered with multiple scratches, not to mention it arms were repeatedly spread opened by force by my curious little monster. I bet the poor thing will want to scream out it’s agony at the abuse…hehe

One day, I decided to resign my old glasses since it was too battered to be fixed. You may call me a stingy person but prescribed glasses are quite expensive these days. Hmm, I guess, I am not the only one who would utilize their eyeglasses to its full extent. Wear it until it is worn-out and could no longer serve the purpose as an aid to our eyesight. LOL.

Anyway, even at discounted price, my new pair of glasses still cost me RM380 (that’s about $100)! For me, that price is not cheap. If only I came to know that we can actually buy prescribed glasses online, it could have save me a lot. $8 Rx eyeglasses ??? I almost cried when I saw the price. And that’s not all. When I saw the wide choices of frames, shapes, and colours available, I wanted to cry out even louder! Whuaaa…. With their low price, I think I can afford to own multiple pair of glasses. It would be fun to wear different ones everyday. Now, these are my favorite high fashion eyeglasses . Believe me; it’s not easy for me to make up my mind. *grin*

I'm crazy about half-rim frames! :)

You may think that this is too good to be true. But, this amazing online optical store is for real. But if you still have any doubts, perhaps you should read How You Can Start Spending Smart . *smile*


I just bought 3 pairs of reading glasses for RM9.90 ... murah nyer ...

hi..i m here "looking" smart.. :)

Hi Mama, you have a real gorgeous kid there.
And re the glasses, why not? I bet you already have more than 30 pairs of shoes, 2 dozen perfumes, 25 handbags, ha, maybe half a dozen glasses, and sunglasses should be in order.

Incidentally, I started using glasses at age 23, and my first one was a RayBan Aviators.....and today a senior citizen, I have never switched brands....I'm now on my 15th RayBan Aviators....normal, reading and sunglasses, all RayBans.

The day if I were to change brands, not only my friends will not recognise me, but my wife too, ha ha.
You have a nice day, Lee.

hi Mama Mia, coming by to visit . :)

NickPhillips ~ u bought from Zenni Optical ka? wah..murahnya..

reanaclaire ~ hi,Claire..Tq for coming by :)

Uncle Lee ~ Hi,Uncle Lee. Thank you very much.

Oohh, how i wish i have such huge collection of shoes, perfumes,hnadbags & glasses :D

You're such a die-hard fan of RayBans, Uncle Lee.

Tq for coming by. U have a nice day too,Uncle Lee. :D