Shopping spree...Not!!!

As if you don’t already know this, the Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival 2009 is on-going. And I am dying to go shopping (I’m sure I am not alone in this). But since it is ‘bulan tua’…I hardly have the money to survive until the next pay day, let alone go for a shopping spree. Darn!

Last weekend, a friend and I were all set to go jalan-jalan at City Mall. Obviously, we cancelled it at the last minute. I mean what good it is to go window-shopping only to look longingly at those gorgeous clothes and shoes at discounted price, but just incapable of owning them? Argh! That is soooo heart-breaking! Neither of us wanted to be in that situation, so we thought better of it. *sigh* Another 10 days to go before pay day. ..*roll eyes*

So, to occupy my time, I decided to bake a cake. What else? But the family favourite cake – butter cake.Hehe…I’m merely a beginner, still learning my way through baking. Surprisingly, the cake turns out to be not bad. The texture was tender, moist and delicious. In short, everything was ngam to my liking. All at home love it and so does my neighbour’s kids.

Hehe…you are most welcome to try your baking skill. Here is the recipe which I got from BakingMum , complete with the easy steps :-

Ingredients :
200gm caster sugar
250gm butter
6 large eggs (at room temperature)
300gm self-rising flour (sifted)
1tsp vanilla essence
½ to ¾ cup of evaporated milk

Method :-
1. Preheat the oven to 160ºC.
2. Beat butter with caster sugar until white and fluffy. Add in eggs one at a time and mix well. Add vanilla essence and evaporated milk and mix well.
3. Fold in sifted flour into butter mixture and mix well. Pour into greased and lined cake tray for about *an hour.

*I didn’t exactly bake it for 1 hr. After 50 minutes, I did the toothpick test to check its doneness, and-voila!-, a nice and yummy butter cake. :)


I baked a cake too, see here. Haha...what a coincident.

my salary is out today but dare not go shopping too.. only end up buying the unneccesaries.. so better stay home and blog..haha...

haha.. mau tunggu itu $$ bah, menyeksakan! apa lagi kalau pigi window shopping .. wuu .. kepunan saja tingu barang2 yang drop harga, esp baju2!

what? no photo? XD

oh I so have to agree about the sales. It's not that I dun wanna spend, just that I spent too much this month. Urgh, I think I spent most of my salary away already @_@ And it's 3 days to pay day weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Itu megasale sana city mall mmg bikin penasaran tul tau. Sy pun mau tgu gaji masuk baru la bulih berjoli :D

Little Inbox ~ what a coincidence? Will do that shortly.

Reanaclaire ~ haha..that is always the case right? when u go shopping, must end up buying pne or two unnecessary things.Wah u really can tahan ka not going shopping? :)

AnnieMing ~ memang menyeksakan. drpd sakit hati,kempunan baik tida payah pigi window shopping kan...

Maslight ~ ya la Mas, i forgot to take a photo pulak..hehe..nex time la.

wah, so early o your pay day, mine seems like a year away.....:(

Mell-f ~ ya bah Mell, bila gaji masuk baru la bulih jgn terover suda la..hihi..

Thanks for the recipe mia. my mum teringin betul ba mau buat butter cake. her fav ba tu. Tp, ntah bila mau buat ni. c cucu sia pengacau bah. Kekekek...

Anyway, psl shopping-mopping ni. i think semua pun agree ba yg better stay d rmh ja then window shopping kalau teda duit drpd sakit hati! Hahahah...

Just ~ hehe...bah, try la. sia pun ambil kesempatan bah time Van-van tidur,trus la start baking2 ni. Kalau tida, mmg dia pun mo join.Akibat limited time, sia bulum pernah try lagi mo decorate cake..hihi..

tu la, drpd sakit hati, bagus sia mengkuarantinkan diri di ruma saja..ekeke..

sia pun teda p shopping mio..aiso usin! :) baru bayar my study fees jak,,nasib lah sia teda kawan mau p window shopping, jadi teda lah jalan2 p shopping complex..

I know how it feels.. I hate window shopping too.. nvm, wait ofr ur payday hawt momma!

mcm mo cuba buat resepi ko ni utk pertandingan memasak di skul tapi tema kami sup ayam la pula....

Yay! Ada EC widget... buli drop suda... hehe

Mogot po pandai bake kek... sia oven pun teda. Sedap tu butter cake makan panas2 sama kupi O!

KaDusMama ~ tiap2 bulan duit gaji abis bikin byr hutang ja ni..

Ika ~ hopefully, i buy something. it's been a while since i buy myself new clothes and shoes..:)

memeljoan ~ try ja bah utk makan sendiri.kalu utk masuk pertandingan, lari tema suda tu..teda kena-mengena butter kek sm sup manuk...hihi

Nessa ~ ya..akhirnya sia pasang suda tu widget. tapi sia masi blur2 gia psl ni EC..

tida jg bah susah baking ni Nessa, yg penting bahan suma cukup.yg lain tu ikut ja practice makes perfect la..

No photo?....Hahahaha!!! Jimat! No need to shop, asal got baju to wear!

HI mamamia! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I dun bake, but wish I can! Will read more to know u better : )

hi mamamia... u know wat, payingpost rejected my application.. apparently they aren't accepting blogs from blogspot anymore... darn.. by the way, im with u, no window shopping... no such thing for me... haha... and oh, i love bakingmum's site too... envy her skills... haha

Thanks for sharing... dis weekend mo try la ni :-) btw, chk my blog.. ada tag best :-)

hi mama mia! great recipe! that's how i bake my butter cake too! the most important thing is to fold in the flour instead of using the mixer. Folding in flour will allow the cake to rise more. :)

by looking at yr recipe, I am convinced that your cake is yummy~licious. :)

STP ~ LOL. Nex time I'll remember to snap a photo la.

goolypop ~ Hi.Tq for dropping-by. :) Me too will visit u more often.

LonTugi ~ Oh dear, i'm sorry to hear that. But i'm not aware abt they dont accept blogspot's blogs anymore.

better stay at home la if no $$ to shop kan..hihi..

yes, baking mum's site great.i'll be visiting more often to get other recipe. :)

Mimi ~ dont forget to post about it later ya.

Tag? bah, nanti i drop-by k :)

hee hee... thanx for the recipe. harap i have time to try it

i tak pandai masak.. tapi pandai makan.. hihi

Surfing thru your blog ba ni Mia.. ternampak ni post hehe.. Sy pn ingat2 mau p shopping spree but x jadi coz terfikir pasal my coming baby and the house renovation.. Penin kepala hehe...

Neeway, dulu masa sy bujang2 suka juga sy bake cake untuk cuba2 saja.. Sometime I baked for my family's birthday ja.. Maybe after ada rumah sendiri nanti baru start balik tu baking hobby..

So far, sy baru join 1 baking class masa cuti sekolah.. Maybe, kalau ada baking class time cuti2 Malaysia, buli juga kita sama2 join.. hehe