1 year, 9 months, 1 week and 3 days…

Oh my, we are already in the mid of July. It might sound so cliché but time flies so fast, especially when you are watching your own kid grows. There are times when I found myself wishing daughter Vanessa would grow faster and yet in the same time, I want her to stay as she is. I guess many mothers out there feel the same way about their kids.
Okay, in her 22nd month, Vanessa now weighs 11.5kg and 87.5cm tall. She was such a darling on her recent visit to the clinic, giving the nurse full co-operation. Here are some of the milestones she has reached:-

~ Able to point out body parts
~ Able to identify animals especially domestic ones (anuk = manuk/chicken; ingaw = tingau/cat; abau = kalabau/buffalo; ambing = kambing/goat; utik = putik/duck)
~ Remove her clothes (with help, on the buttons)
~ Brush her teeth (with help)
~ Speaks and be understood most of the time
~ Increase in vocabulary (her current favourite words are, kiu = thank you; tuada=kotohuadan/thank you; apap =hapap/ feet; melo = watermelon; belo = balloon; odop = modop/sleep)
~ Able to make short sentence (Mami balik uda = mummy is back; Au bulih = no can do; kiu Mama = Thank you, Mama)
~ Graduated in potty-learning (but some times she wet her pants juga la… hehe..)

Last week, BIL, his wife and 5 months old baby son came to stay with us for one whole week as his wife had some course to attend in KK. Vanessa was so fond of the baby that she insists to rock him in the cradle. Is this a sign that my daughter is ready for a baby brother or sister? Hehehe…

She wanted to be near her baby cousin all the time, watching him sleeps, bath, feed and even nappy-changing. That last activity brought her to the discovery that her cousin has something she doesn’t. Baby Ivan has a penis. Vanessa seems so concerned and curious about their difference. Since then, I often caught her looking inside her pants checking her private part. I think I should get one of the simple illustrated book to help in explaining the difference in a boy's and girl's anatomy. :)


Ehehhe nakal juga si vanessa ni pandai mo cubuk2...

LOL punya cute ur girl LOL. Funny behavior LOL. Discovering bah tu.

wah..so cute lah ur daughter....wah..bermakna bleh suda to kasi dia adik..hehehehe

Ya kan Mia... cpt betul tu masa berlalu when we are watching our kid grows.

Comel betul c van2 duduk2 sambil makan jagung. Wahh... graduate dr potty-learning lg sdh tu kunun. Hehehe.. Anak buah sia 3thn msh pakai pampers. Deiii...

Ahahaha... keheranan dia tgk tu penis aa... hahahaah. Ngam la tu kasi bili dia anatomy book.

Congratz to Van2. Bnyk sdh milestone dia tu... :D

cutenya!! ba kaC jadi la dia kakak.. menambahkan isi rumah hehehe..

Pintar! pintar! your daughter..

KIUTTTT!!! Bah mio, it's time ko mau kasi Si Van adik already..heheh

Memel ~ hihi..mencubuk kalau2 pandai bertukar...

maslight ~ It's funny but me worry also on how to explain boy and girl anatomy difference..:)

Belle ~ hihi..mcm dia ready suda ni mo adik ..tp yg bikin risau tu kan, dia mo dukung tu baby bah. Klau tia kana bagi, trus meraung satu kampung..

Just ~ 3 thn masi pakai pampers? duii gia..Take time jg bah mo potty-train ni.Waktu malam/traveling sia masi kasi pakai Van-van pampers, time di ruma saja dia pakai seluar

AnnieMing ~ bertambah meriah la kalu dia ada adik...

Mouren MOB ~ pintar dan bikin gerigitan...hihi..

KadusMama ~ hahaha...gitu la kira-kira ni Ty...

Adui.. Agayo suda si Van-van (urang tua2 selalu cakap).. nampaknya mau kasi adik sudah tu Mia.. Nanti ada juga yang tulung2 ko jaga ;) Congrats to Van-van on her achievement.. Mungkin tia lama pandai membaca sudah tu..

Miss Sab ~ hehe..nda rasa beii..besar suda dia skrg tp makin galangas pulak. :)

AngelBear ~ Thx :)

bah..buli sudah ada adik adik tu mia..hehehe

cutenya.. dia nda nakal kaitu..hihihi..

MummyZuan ~ ya bah Hilda, mangkali klau dia ada adik, kurang sikit nakal dia tu :)

Nadia ~ nakal bah tu..macam2 karenah...hihi..

Vanessa...sooooo comel with her corn. I think she is ready to become a sissy....

Curiosity....our girl is the same too, she even pulls her bro's *tut* and they laugh together!!

Happy 22 Months to Vanessa! Wow..she is discovering human anatomy huh..hehe..smart girl. I think she wants a brother or sister..hehe