MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby in CAR SEAT Contest

When I read about this Contest, I thought; Why not try out for fun? So, here it is. To be eligible for this contest, I have to get a photo of my dear Vanessa in a car seat. Hmm..I have a confession to make *sigh* of all the pictures I’ve taken of her; there was none of her in a car seat. What a shame!

Hubby and I bought this car seat when she was around 6 months old at Giant Supermarket in Kolombong. Now, after a year plus, barulah I realize that I have never taken a picture of her in it. Shame on me *smile sheepishly*. It took a contest to remind me to do so. I guess, I owe LittleMama of MomBloggersPlanet a big thank you. THANK YOU for this contest, otherwise I would never realize that I missed this precious moment of my dear girl. Okay, the cool prizes awaiting the winners for this contest are courtesy of PhotoBookMalaysia and AliceWonders.

So, last Saturday, I decided to kill two birds with one stone. I needed to do my monthly groceries shopping, normally I’ll go with hubby but since he’s out of town again, I brought all at home – Vanessa, my mom and maid to Servay Hypermarket, Putatan. The one in Penampang burned down to the ground last August *sigh*. The distance between Penampang and Putatan is quite far actually, but still I don't mind driving all the way there because their price of goods are cheaper than elsewhere and I am sure to find all the groceries I needed there. I ought to get a gift or something for being such a loyal customer, don't you think so? *wink* . Anyway, I had Vanessa dressed-up and she was so excited to go to kedai (shop). Before going, I had her buckled in her car seat and quickly took some poor quality pictures with my handphone camera before her mood turn sour.

Vanessa , DOB : 05 October, 2007

You see, Vanessa has some issues with the car seat. It was never an easy task to get her settle down in it except when she was already asleep. I had faced countless difficult moments trying to keep her in place. After a few minutes, she would start screaming, kicking and crying. Strangely, she’d be more obedient when it was her daddy doing the driving or perhaps it was because daddy is stricter than mommy. :)

Oh well, obviously, this car seat is no longer suitable for her as she knows how to unlock the buckle. Therefore, these photos were taken for remembrance only and also to enter this contest, of course…hehehe…So, after the express photo session, I had her seated with her Grandma and Kakak at the back seat. Then, she was back to all smiles again.

For our children’s safety, it is important to train them to sit in an infant/toddler car seat and get them familiar with all the buckles and seat-belt. Never ever jeopardizes your little one’s safety by doing a Britney! That is totally not cool!!! But before you buy one, do go through its specification; make sure the car seat is suitable for both your child and your car. :)


I think the 2nd photo of her is cute XD

Kids grow so fast oh kan.

all the best to u ... !
Hope u win...

hihi ya jan jadi mcm britney kan :) hihi.. cute nya vanessa :) penting baitu safety kan.. even now, sya duduk d belakang pun pasang seatbelt.. :)

Oh..Vanessa is so cute. I hope she will win. ) I'm very strict with my girl when it comes to sitting in the car seat...hehe.

She looks like she's enjoying the car seat now :D

All the best, hope you win.

Maslight ~ Yes, they do Mas.Pejam,celik,pejam,celik besar suda diorang...:)

reanaclaire ~ hehe..i dont have put high hope on winning, i joined in for suka-suka only. Anyway, tq..hehe..

Nadia ~ ya bah Nad, asal sj sia naik kreta misti automatic pasang seat belt..

Mummy Gwen & Nick Phillips ~ Thanks.

Aik.. mcm sia rasa sia sdh komen ba ni.. tp, napa nda kuar ni?? Ko nda approve ka Mia??? Akakakaka...

Nyway, glad to see in a contest.. Heheh.. gud luck to u and van2.. :D