Monday surprise

This morning, one of my colleagues announces that her resignation letter has been accepted by the company. Her last day will be on 15 August.*faint* I was surprise to hear that as I thought that the management could work things out with her. Ever since she tendered her resignation letter, I have been silently praying that she would be asked to reconsider her resignation. “You know, I don’t think the company has any intention to hire a new staff. So it is most likely that you will ‘inherit’ my existing job,” she added with a smile. Huh??! What ?!! *faint again* “Considering the additional workload, this is the best time for you to demand for a pay raise,” another smile followed.

Aiyo Sis, it’s not about getting a raise or what, but it’s more like, can I handle all the responsibilities?? Is it worth getting MORE PAY and in the same time MORE STRESS ?? I debated in my heart. Apparently, I was not in the mood to argue the point, so I just let it drop and focus on the certain things like my mounting paperwork.

Ever since my company secured a new business deal in KK early this month, I had to handle a lot of additional paperwork and deal with unfamiliar things like logistic. *sigh* At the end of the day, I often end-up with throbbing headache, muscles sores on my neck and shoulders due to prolonged keyboard use…and look something like our little friend here…

Now they are thinking of adding some more tasks? Oh, no! Thinking of the possibility alone is enough to cause me a headache. If it really happens, then I think I am going to die.


That come the words of multitasking. Be strong ya.. anyway, I love the 'stress cat' hehehehe..

Alalala... betambah2 la busy ko ni mia unless dpt kawan baru.. hihi..

dont die... we need u here... :)
just an hour ago, i also had a tiff with my male bachelor colleague who is in his 50s.. let me tell u, he is really weird.. anyway, cant blame him.. he is so un-ethical and un-diplomatic.. sigh.. better he stays un-married.. i really beh tahan him! :) sometimes in office, we have to meet up with this type of ppl we cannot do anything with..
anyway, work is work.. dont let them stress us up, not worth it! lets think about something else.......

I'd asked for a big increase in salary ... LOL!

Wah, naik pangkat, naik gaji, naik stress.. Of course there are pros and cons if you are promoted to a higher position.. But, it is good to gain extra experience manatau the job suit you.. ;) About the stress level and mounting paperwork, hmm that one I cannot comment la.. I just hope the best for you.. Good Luck.

Hmmmmm...i think u should ask for 30% rise on ur current salary if you are to do ur colleague's work..punya panatttt tu..

Ya bah, kalo workload telampau over, kena bayar banyak camana pun, sya nda sanggup mo hari2 stress ohh...

Hi Mama mia,

Working in a GLC company with only one race and full of office politics sometimes can be so hard for a person who from a multi race company background. Everything is diffrent and I just happened to know that one of my close friend in the office resigned due to this pressure.

Since she is very potential staff, I was suprised that the management didn't consider to counter offer her.

The moral of the story here is, just do your best in your job and dont hope too high for any management attention. Some boss only review us through minimal mistake in our daily task.

I hope your company get the 'replacement" soon. I do understand when..we need to do multiply job when we only have 2 hands. Good luck Mama Mia. Cheers..

'With power comes big responsibility'... hehe

Look at it on the positive side. Memang bebanan dia bertambah, apalagi stress. But give it a try dulu... buat semana yang mampu.

Summon your inner strength, you have the power girl, you ken do it!! :D

Mia, sabar2..tahan hati ja!

bah..selamat bertambah kerja mia...harap harap ada ambil orang baru utk kasi ringan kerja ko...btw,if xda urang pa lagi..minta gaji up skit..hehehe

CAB ~ ini la ni multitasking pny pasal..hehe..wpun stress, the cat still looks cute kan..

Just ~ ya, itu la pasal jarang suda dpt online YM..

reanaclaire ~ i got some issues wt a male colleague also. he's the no-initiative type of person & has an attitude problem some more...ask him to do something, he'll whine and whine...:(

yes, reana. better thing of something that can cheer us up...

NickPhillip ~ i think, i'll do that.LOL.

Ms Sab ~ mana ada naik pangkat Sab.Position still the same tp job scope sj bertambah..

KaDusMama ~ ya Ty, kalu confirm drg pny plan tu, then i'll try dulu klu bulih ka tida cope wt the work. tp I will definitely ask for pay raise..mana bulih workload bertambah tp gaji gitu2 juga...:)

ChocMintGirl ~ ini la yg sia sdg pikir2 ni...

Nora ~ Thx for sharing your thots Nora. My colleague has been working more thna 5yrs tp her pay gitu2 saja tp keja bertambah, that's she's leaving...

Nessa ~ Tq Nessa for the kata-kata semangat. yeah, if they really want me to do the job, i'll give it a try, bulum try bulum tau kan. If I really can't cope then i'll discuss again with boss la..

MOB aka Mouren ~ wuii..bahaya kama tu kalu tahan hati lama2...

MummyZuan ~ iya la Hilda. beban kerja naik, gaji pun misti up kan? klu tida, mana bulih jadi o... :)

I know how u feel but hey, cheer up, think positive..harap not you yg dorang ask to take over kan? apa pun, I believe u can do it ;)

ya bah kan Jppmom, no point stressing on uncertain things. Sia pun harap2 dorang cari urang baru utk take over to colleague pny keja...