Contest fever

Okay, just a quick update. The result for MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby in Carseat Contest is out. And…no, my Vanessa didn’t win. *smile* No hard feelings. I didn’t put high hopes at the first place. *smile* Congratulations to all the winners.

Speaking of contest, I’m sure all the mommies out there are aware about the Johnson & Johnson's Baby of the Year Contest. Have you submitted your or rather your little one’s entry form? Well if you haven’t, don’t worry…still got 1 month time (contest ends on 31 August).

Hehe…I know what you’re thinking now?! Did I send my girl’s entry form? Yes, I did. I didn’t rushed off to the nearest store to grab a Johnson & Johnson's baby shampoo just to enter this contest,okay. I have been using J&J baby bath and shampoo on Vanessa since birth.

Anyway, wish my girl good luck ya! Tq *wink*


Never mind! She'll always be number 1 in your heart!!!

Good Luck ya!! Sia pun mau pi submit la ni :D

skarang ni ramai blogger rajin wat contest dan join contest.. betul2 rajin la kan.. tak macam i ni pemalas huhuhu

LonTugi ~ Thx,Ig! Cuba2 nasib sj bah ni..:)

STP ~ haha..ya lor..

EvelynLG ~ Tq.Bah submit la..sama2 la kita try nasib..

Nurhayati ~ i takde la rajin sangat..ikut mood. Saje try nasib..:)

sia nda layak ikut sudah..hahhaa anak besar sudah..tapi dulu sia selalu ikut tu.. :) nda pernah pun qualified

Mia..Happy Birthday to you.. :) takut nda tewish ko bah nanti..
Apa macam hari nie? ada special celebration??

Sia pun ba, semua contest yang sia join, satu pun inda sangkut.

But it's just for fun... sokong kawan2 yang buat contest. Kalau menang, hepi la of course, kalau inda... cuba lagi next taim :)

Good luck with the J&J Baby contest!

KaDusMama ~ Try nasib saja bah ni.Inda juga la mengharap..

Tq,Ty for the wish. Baru ni ari sia terpost story pasal bday sia..hehe..bangas suda..

Nessa ~ Tq, Nessa..try2 nasib saja bah ni..

Good luck ya....can vote online? If yes, do update the link ya, then we can go n vote for your girl.... :)

thats the good selection fried..

i wish you best.