Blogging and money

It is almost a year now since I started blogging in this humble page of mine. So far, I’m glad that I started this hobby. Not only has it enabled me to make more friends (most of them, I’ve never met in person), it has never fail me in generating extra income. Whoever said that blogging is a waste of time, they are wrong. Blogging is a profitable hobby and you really can make money blogging.

These days, there are many companies out there who are willing to venture into blog advertising as an alternative to conventional (TV, radio, print media) marketing tool. Besides being a cheaper means of advertising, it is equally effective in reaching out to targeted customer. Thanks to PayingPost for their dedication in bringing in together advertisers and bloggers all around the globe in one friendly marketplace to meet each other's need. In a nutshell, here's how things work at PayingPost:-

· Advertisers create review jobs and specify bloggers requirements
· Qualified blogger will write description based review
· PayingPost reviews the completed job and notifies both parties

Writing a review for a product/service may look easy but it is also time consuming. Before we do a review, we need to ‘know’ the product/service itself. This way, we can produce a good quality review. In order to ‘know’ the product/service, of course, we need to labor some effort in it. And that effort is going to cost us time and money.

Okay, as we are getting paid to do a review, it is only fair for us to write an honest one. Therefore, it is inevitable to put our personal claims in it. That’s fine, as long as we have facts to support them. Claims that are supported by solid facts are more trustworthy. And yes, do make the effort to browse through the Net on tips and secrets on how to write better reviews .It will be useful in the long run. Perhaps, one day you might be commanding $100 for a brief review? *wink-wink*

One more thing that I learned, it is always easier to review something that we can relate to. So if you come across an assignment with attractive pay but have absolutely no interest in the product/service, make yourself a favour, don’t take it. After all, you won’t be able to come up with a good review if you are being forced to do it. Why be so greedy? Make way for other bloggers. There will be other assignment for you. :)


hi..the other day i read one blogger complaining that she dint rec money from payingpost even after she reached 100usd.. i m not too sure about tat, anyway, i m also a member of PP... so far collected around 50usd only.. last time the cashing out is 50 instead of 100 now.. hope they revise it back to 50usd .. 100 seems so far away, right?

Yay to making money from blogging :) I joined to blogging for money bandwagon a little too late, now trying to catch up.

Best juga kalau sambil blogging dapat duit.. Adei, yang sy tanya ko hari tu, belum lagi terstart bah.. hehe.. hope one day i will be able to blog and get paid for my blogs ;)

hi mamamia... great post... im signing up for payingpost... hope they'll approve my blog.. haha.. :)

reanaclaire ~ yes, i hope they'll revise it back to 50usd :)

NickPhillips ~ yeah, me too..

Miss Sab ~ hehe...palan-palan bah Sab

LonTugi ~ misti approve bah tu. Pigi la sign-up cepat2..:) toooo lazy to check any opss now! how to make money like this..

KaDusMama ~ busy main poker ka tu? hihi...bah kasi chance la kawan2 bikin side income ar...